My Mother-In-Law is seeing the light!

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  • brotherdan

    I posted this on another thread because I was unable to start a new one, but now I can. Here is the post:

    I have been corresponding with my MIL as many of you know. She is on the right road. But she is terrified. On Sunday the elders told her that they wanted to meet with her to see about her getting reinstated. Here is the email she sent me (names edited out, of course). I would post this on a new thread, but I am at my limit.

    A few mins before this email she asked me to send her Crises of Conscience. She listened to the "shunning" interview this morning and also listened to a few talks about the WT history of false prophecy. Here is her email:

    "Well the judcial meeting on Sunday was a big joke--- The brothers had no intention of reinstating me, and it was a dog and pony show--even (FIL) was upset with them because they lied to us---God's spirit was not there and everyone knew it---- I wouldn't be able to stay with (FIL) if I left the organization because he would have an absolute fit everyday---- He does not look at your searching the same way that I do. He thinks you are an apostate because you question the organization. He would not say anything because of (BroDans Wife) but that is the only reason. When I was baptized it was in the name of the Father, the Son and the holy spirit---I am now not in fear of God but of man. Neither (1st SIL) nor (2nd Sil) have so much as asked how I am doing and never would if I faded away. I am very confused!!!!!!!"

    How would you handle it? I sent her this quote: "It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry. "
    Thomas Paine

    I also sent her CoC of course. Any ideas on how I should handle this. This is VERY VERY VERY major for her and for this family. One sister is in bethel, the other serves internationally, and the other is my wife.

  • brotherdan

    Also, she asked for more info on the UN connection and I sent her to

    Any other advice? She has written me about 15 emails in the last couple hours. She said her head is spinning. She did an investigation before and ended up going back. But this time I think she is really seeing the dangers of it.

  • sabastious

    I don't like the whole "UN argument." They were just an NGO. I understand the glarring hypocrisy, but most Witnesses feel really attacked when you call their religion hypocrits. Plus it's easy to say that the Organization gets to take more liberties because they have a grander job to do, right?

    It should do well for your MIL though since she is already a little awake.


  • laverite

    Brother Dan,

    Wow, this is amazing. This IS a major development. How about this - you could ask her what she wants or needs from you. If she's sending you constant emails, you might want to take a brief moment to pause, ask her if she wants a ton of information or if perhaps it's all too much to digest at once. Some people become overloaded, and can't digest it. You really want her to be able to make full sense of it all.

    If she insists on more more more now now now, then go with it. If she agrees that she needs to digest certain bits now before she gets more that might be a way forward.

    I wish she could chat with Grandma Jones or Grandma Jones' sister! I wonder if there's any way for them to be in email contact?

  • brotherdan

    I don't like to bring up the UN thing either. In fact she found that out on her own. I just directed her to the false prophecy thing and the adherence to the Faithful Slave over the Bible.

    But if she wants the info, I'll send her to the right place. The jwfacts article on it is actually very good and catches the WTS in a HUGE lie. Especially when you read that they joined just to get a library card and then the UN writes and says you DON'T have to be an NGO to get a library card. He also shows how from 90 to 2001 the tone of the society regarding the UN is changed to being favorable.

    Not my favorite argument. But I think it is easy to see how their double standards and "theocratic warfare" work.

  • Vidiot

    sabastious - "I don't like the whole 'UN argument'. They were just an NGO."

    You're right, being an NGO isn't really a big deal in the grand scheme of things; it's more embarrassing (to the WTS) than anything else.

    However, if a JW counters the accusation of hypocricy with the equivalent of "pshh, so what?", one could ask them what would happen (judicially speaking) if they themselves did something like that.

    Leaders unwilling to perform tasks that they expect of their followers are unworthy of leadership. By that logic, leaders who perform actions that they are unwilling to allow of their followers are also unworthy of leadership.

    They may possess a position of leadership, but that does not mean that they are worthy of it.

    As far as I'm concerned, this conclusion is virtually impossible for anybody with a shred of common sense to refute.

  • OnTheWayOut
  • Ding


    I've sent you a PM re your MIL's situation.

  • brotherdan

    Thanks Ding! I wish more people knew what an incredible resource you really are! Maybe I should start a thread about you! :-)

    My MIL called tonight and talked to my wife. She was just checking up and making sure that she was feeling ok. At the end of the call she said, "Tell your husband that I am reading a REALLY good book. I'll have to tell him about it."

    I sent her CoC I can only asume that she was talking about that. It's pretty crazy. I can only hope and pray.

    I have a feeling that this may be the end for me. She does not keep all! So this may out me. But if I can help even 1 person to see the "truth" about this will be worth it. I have a strange sense of contentment tonight.

  • 3Mozzies

    That's great news Dan :)

    I hope by opening your mother-in-law's eyes it helps your wife as well.


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