BBC news re Nathan Phillips xjw

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  • Curtains

    cantleave best best of luck to you for tomorrow.

    I really like the way Nathan Phillips puts his points across as he does not paint ordinary JWs as bad people. He seems to want to urge WT leaders to modify their extremisms and to implement these reforms so that ordinary JWs can give and get support to and from their families and in my opinion this is particularly important in these hard economic times.

  • cantleave

    HHG - I will be on the telephone as I am will be up north (Blackburn!) No webcam for me

    Thanks everyone. I don't know what time the programme runs from I think this item is going to be somewhere in the 10 - 11 timeslot.

  • bohm

    Good luck. Get the point across they say on purpose the disfelloshipping is a "private matter", while they have a 12-chapter secret manual where 7 of the chapters are on disfellowshipping.

  • nugget

    my point exactly Bohm any other church would have chapters on weddings, funerals, Pastoral care and proper shepherding only the witnesses have so many chapters on how to throw people out the religion.

  • dgp

    Good luck, Cantleave .

  • miseryloveselders

    You'll do well Cantleave, go get em.

  • freddo

    Please, please, please Jehovah - let this go national! Please expose Bethel liars. Thrujesusnameamen.

  • dozy
  • dozy

    Missed most of the programme but what little I heard was interesting. The usual untrue comment from the society basically saying that it is a voluntary decision by the family to shun. No mention that (as per the new elders book) they will refuse privileges for family members associating with DF people.

    I've been shunned by my JW family even though I've never been DFd or even marked , as have many on this board. It is a horrible experience.

    Love hearing the Somerset accent. Put me in the mood to pour a nice pint of scrumpy when I get home tonight!

  • wobble

    It was good, Angus did very well, and it will confirm in the minds of the public that this wacky religion needs to be avoided, the shame is the average Dub who caught it will dismiss it as "sour-grapes" from former witnesses, and will pay it no attention.

    Even the 'phone comments came only from former dubs, even the one from "Robert" from Kent. (Tee Hee) wonder who he was ?

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