Ok , this Trinity Doctrine is messing me up

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  • GOrwell

    I've been reading Luke this evening, and this scripture blew me away. It's after Jesus healed the demonic man and sent the demons into the swine.

    From the NWT : Luke 8:38,39

    38 However, the man from whom the demons had gone out kept begging to continue with him; but he dismissed the man, saying: 39 “Be on your way back home, and keep on relating what things God did for you.” Accordingly he went away, proclaiming throughout the whole city what things Jesus did for him."

    Is it really that simple?

  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    "that's true cameo in mathew 28:18 he says , all authority in heaven and earth were given to him not that he had it to begin with . It is obvious by his comments throughout the new testament that he never once boasted equality even tho he says such things as he and the father are one just as he and his followers would be one in purpose and that was to do Gods will. I just don't know what the comment equal in nature was supposed to mean since he was responsible for creating nature on earth. The whole point of him coming to earth was to give his perfect human existence as a ransom , a price paid in exchange for another. "

    Me: You don't undertand the Trinity doctrine or the nature of the hypostic union. These pages will clear up your confusion.



  • Terry

    Since the compiling of the scriptures took place over a space of time when ideas about Jesus and orthodoxy were rapidly being changed by argument and rebuttal, it is not too puzzling to realize what eventually took place.

    When you read what is now New Testament you are not reading the singular view of one divine mind. You are witnessing a random cut and paste smattering of ideas.

    Much retro-fitting and editing and commentary wedged in demi-god status for Jesus while AT THE SAME TIME the earlier monothesim remains basically unchanged.

    The result, when viewed by us today, is a hodge-podge. It begins to appear there is some "hidden" message when there isn't.

    FACT: Some people took the Greek idea of demi-god and ran with it for Jesus "secret identity" like Clark Kent and Superman. Others could not abide such non monotheism and pagan mysterium.

    The Church halted the evolution of christian thought when it used the power of Rome to create OFFICAL BELIEF.

    It then set about destroying any competing modes of thought.

    The Victor writes history, after all.

  • Heaven

    read the Bible with eyes wide open. If something about it continues to nag you

    One thing for me personally that has always nagged at me is the fact that the Jewish people did not embrace Jesus as their saviour. Hmmm... now why would that be?

    Something just isn't right there. So I question what we are told about this guy. For all we know, he was a raving loony. Maybe he didn't really exist at all and is a made up person set up as the base foundation on which to build an entire religious agenda. I'm leaning towards the latter. The Bible is full of manipulation and control tactics. Knowing that it was written well after supposed events occurs and that it contains errors and contradictions has me taking the Bible with a huge grain of salt.

  • tec
    Is it really that simple?

    I don't think it is that simple, no. I think God worked through Christ... all authority and power given to Christ from His Father. So Christ gave credit to His Father.


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