Ok , this Trinity Doctrine is messing me up

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  • KristiKay

    Some of you may know, I've been meeting with a JW lady, for a "bible" study (I hate calling it that). I've been trying to end it pretty much since

    I've gotten more insight on their religion...I've blantently said that I don't like the "governing body", I don't agree with the blood doctrine, can't

    fathom the whole disfellowship thing, that I read everything I can, especially but not limited to, "apostate" view points. So, she's breaking it down to

    the whole idea of the "Trinity". She feels that if I can't rationaly explain my belief in the trinity, then that eliminates every other religion, so we

    can go from there. (!!!!!!!) I told her about the Heresies of Arius, and that the denial of Christs divinity is not a new concept, she knew nothing about

    this, and after she left I read more about how the whole doctrine of the Trinity was developed, and now I'm questioning the whole thing myself..

    If I question the whole idea of the trinity, where does that leave me? I feel there must be something that I'm missing, I don't think these jokers

    in Brooklyn have it right, there must be a concrete reason why the churches have been teaching this for hundreds of years. And if theres not,

    then why should I give them more creditability the the Jws.. Please , can someone help me articulate this better?

  • leavingwt
    I've been trying to end it pretty much since

    Yoda: "Do, or do not. There is no try."

  • leavingwt

    She feels that if I can't rationaly explain my belief in the trinity, then that eliminates every other religion

    Does she believe that there is only one true religion? Do you believe this?

    If the JWs have just one doctrine wrong, would that eliminate them as the true religion? Have they ever had any wrong beliefs?

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  • factfinder

    The WTS is correct that the trinity doctrine is a pagan lie. Jewish people reject the trinity too. But does that mean the WTS is the true religion? Does that make Judaism the true religion?

    I could never accept a triune God. I would never have become a jw if they believed in the trinity. But there is no such thing as the true religion IMHO.

  • KristiKay

    Hi, leavingwt :), No I don't believe theres only one true religion, and yes aparently she thinks there is, in fact I confronted her about this. I said , "so if I interpret one part of the bible wrong, then you think I'm worshiping Satan?" And she said if I'm not worshiping God the way he wants me to then I'm basically offending him. I told her for her sake that I hope she's right because I sure wouldn'nt want to be going around PREACHING something like she is , and be wrong...It irratates me that it's not more clear I guess..

  • designs


    If you haven't already you may find it interesting to study up on the early Jewish groups who believed Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah, Nazarenes and Ebionites and a few others. Diversity of belief was narrrowing up to the Council of Nicea. There still is some recognized flexibility within formal Christian groups regarding the Trinity: Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, and the Church of Rome have slightly different views on the subject. The RCC and the Eastern Orthodox split at the Council of Trent over the 'Filiogue'.

  • tec
    It irratates me that it's not more clear I guess..

    It irritated me also. But I think that it is not clear, because it is not there. It can be implied, or assumed... but you are not going to find a verse that PROVES the trinity doctrine beyond any doubt. Not in my opinion.

    This does not mean that you have to jump from trinitarian Christianity into the JW's. There is far, far LESS evidence implying that Jesus is the Archangel Michael than there is about the trinity. And there are some denominations of Christianity that do not believe in the trinity other than the JW's as well.

    I personally do not embrace the trinity, and I once drove myself crazy trying to prove it one way or the other out of the bible. But I could not. So I stopped trying, and just accepted what was said at face value. That Christ is the Messiah and Son of God, but not God Himself. That He inherited all authority from His Father. If there is something more that He wants me to understand, then I pray I can hear Him... and in the meantime, I will follow what He says regarding how to live and treat others, and not worry about the trinity/ or lack of trinity.


  • Satanus

    These things aren't and have never been clear among christians. Basically, rather than have a jw tell what and how you must believe, why not figure things out for yourself. The jw thinks she knows what god thinks. That's kind of a stretch, that a small group w a shady history knows gods mind.

    A lot of religions argue theology. Theology is mainly a mental effort at sorting out religious ideas. Some other christians called contemplatives or mystics went a more direct route. Rather than dealing w abstracts, they put them into practice w the thought that they could get to know god directly. Why not check out the thoughts of some of the catholic or orthodox christian mystics?

    The jws really do nothing of a truly spiritual nature. For them, meditation is merely going over wt beliefs. By comparison, the catholics and orthodox have a rich background in the persuit of god.


  • thetrueone

    What religion doesn't have a segment of their doctrines contrived and formulated on BS ?

    A JWS will spin to any direction they can, thats a certainty.

    Goes with their indoctrination training.

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