Ok , this Trinity Doctrine is messing me up

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  • palmtree67

    I don't believe that our salvation depends entirely on whether we completely understand the EXACT nature of God's spiritual body.

  • PSacramento

    Our salvation doesn't depend on ANY human doctrine and that is what the Trinity is.

  • palmtree67

    ** applauds PSac **

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  • Terry

    Christian Doctrine is extracted from the bible by people who interpret intention from scripture.

    It doesn't matter what the bible may or may not have to say about the Trinity if the bible ITSELF doesn't stand up.

    Just as your JW lady has narrowed down the argument to just ONE doctrine (Trinity) you can narrow the whole thing down to the basic-basic fundamental bedrock itself: the Bible.

    It comes down to this binary choice: either God's Word has been supernaturally preserved in the bible or it has not.

    If it has not then it is simply silly to argue over any doctrine extracted from scripture. Garbage In= Garbage Out.

    What does this lead us to consider?

    IF the bible contains the preserved and uncorrupted word of God then it cannot AT THE SAME TIME be full of corrupt add-ons injected by human hands. Why? Because the Holy Spirit has the power to PREVENT this from happening.

    If the Holy Spirit DID NOT prevent corruption in scripture it follows that the bible is nothing but a corrupt human document.

    Ask your JW study conductor to explain to you:

    1.Why have zero (none, nada, zip) original manuscripts or autograph apostolic writings or epistles been preserved so that we can compare them to the bible which exists today? (The thousands of copies don't mean anything unless they accurately preserve the actual words.)

    2.Why do those who assert the bible to be inerrant (without error) ONLY DO SO about the ORIGINAL manuscripts and NOT the copies from which current scripture is derived? (Hint: remember; there ARE NONE)

    3.Jesus spoke Aramaic and never wrote anything down. The bible only contains a few of Jesus' words in Aramaic "Eli Eli Lama Sabacthani".

    Consequently, HOW can we argue meaning and interpretation over what Jesus said since we DON'T HAVE HIS EXACT WORDS?

    The above suggestion would be an intellectually honest discussion.

    The Trinity Doctrine is a DIVERSIONARY tactic!

    No uncorrupt scripture=No uncorrupt doctrines possible!

    Thanks for listening.

  • PSacramento

    The other day I was watching parts of a movir call "Van wilder" a silly comedy but the lead actor kept speaking and teling a guy to "write that down" everytime he wanted something recored.

    I thought that it would have been cool for Jesus to have said that too, LOL !

    Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead

    People: Glory to you, the son of God !!
    Jesus turing to Matthew: Yo, Matt, write that down !

    Matthew turns to John and Peter: Anyone got a pen and paper??

  • Terry

    Robin Hood.


    What do they have in common?

    Lots and lots of stories containing all sorts of details have come down the pike.

    We feel we KNOW Robin Hood but we don't--not actually.

    Think of all the books, TV shows and movies made about Robin Hood.

    How could he NOT exist?

    Somewhere in all that "noise" may be an actual person---but--where?

    And Robin Hood didn't perform any miracles for us to doubt.

    Unless you call splitting the arrow already in the bullsye a miracle :)

  • cameo-d

    tec: " That Christ is the Messiah and Son of God, but not God Himself. "

    Christ indeed is the Messiah--messenger. He referred to himself as a son of man. In Revelation he is referred to as a son of man. He was very simply a divine human being.

    The Holy Spirit is nothing more than the "Spirit of Truth". It is the opposite of those who worship the Father of the Lie and practice deceit and cheating people.

    tec: That He inherited all authority from His Father.

    And so did you and I. Sadly, many look to the Watchtower for permission and believe that all authority comes from Brooklyn. And, for many it does because they have given away their personal authority from the Creator by engaging in a baptismal contract with WT and have pledged loyalty to her instead.

  • Terry

    There is no book with God Talk.

    There are no doctrines with divine facts.

    There is human imagination.

    There are people obsessessd.

    Linking obsession with imagination is like striking a match to a fuse. Especially when the Authority of a god is imagined to grant you power.

    The Trinity proves obsessive people will claim to understand nonsense and use it to divide mankind into enemy camps. Us vs Them.

    Is this worthy of our brief time here on Earth?

  • Qcmbr
    Our salvation doesn't depend on ANY human doctrine

    ..wasn't Jesus a human..if he wasn't then I call foul on an alien having the right to die for mankind - if species isn't important then why not just accept the first burnt sacrifice of the Israelites and call it a wrap.

  • heathen

    that's true cameo in mathew 28:18 he says , all authority in heaven and earth were given to him not that he had it to begin with . It is obvious by his comments throughout the new testament that he never once boasted equality even tho he says such things as he and the father are one just as he and his followers would be one in purpose and that was to do Gods will. I just don't know what the comment equal in nature was supposed to mean since he was responsible for creating nature on earth. The whole point of him coming to earth was to give his perfect human existence as a ransom , a price paid in exchange for another.

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