Fallout 2014

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  • thetrueone

    So true Outlaw so true

  • kurtbethel

    Kurt Bethel helps assist the art department with this project.

    Certified 100% subliminal free!

    Watchtower Jesus is feeble and weak - fucked off for 100 years

  • GOrwell

    It's probably been done before, but here's the quick and dirty look-up of the term "1914" of the WT CD, and the number of occurences averaged for each year of each decade, back to 1950:

    2010 - 18 mentions
    2000-2009 - 22 average mentions
    1990-1999 - 49.3 average mentions
    1980-1989 - 83.1 average mentions
    1970-1979 - 60 average mentions
    1960-1969 - 89.5 average mentions
    1950-1959 - 90 average mentions

    For being the core doctrine of the faith, it sure is gradually being pushed into a dark room. Gradually stop referencing it.. voila, no more problem!

  • LV101

    OUTLAW YOU MADE MY EVENING! can't stop laughing and it's too late to be cackling. please keep a sketch/copy book of your illustrative art to be published.


  • wobble

    Thanks everybody for your contributions, what I wonder about this is, as they sweep 1914 under the carpet, they will have to try to prove that the GB has Jesus' approval in some other way, how do they do that ? and if it seems as though the "Last Days" are in fact last centuries, what do they use as a basis for selling the religion to new suckers ?

    I guess they will look to the Mormon model, it seems to do quite well, the authority of the leaders is accepted by the R&F LDS church member, and they sell the religion on the basis of it being a"good way of life", the two religions are looking more and more like eachother.

    The Mormon faith is based on the fantastical writing of Joseph Smith, the JW's on those of Russell , morphed by Rutherford and by the boys in "Writing" ever since, all of it poor quality fiction of course.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    GOrwell, interesting figures; but what do they mean? What are "average mentions?" Mentions per WT issue, per year? Or are you referring to "total mentions," in which case the numbers seem small.

  • designs

    A Centennial Celebration sounds great. The Society will do their usual buffering job, playing 1914 up and down like a good politician.

    Of course they could be like Christian Churches who have been waiting at the Train Station for 2000 years, what kind of celebration should we put on for those suckers.

  • Ding

    Lifelong Humanist wrote:

    When I used to believe this stuff and try to convince the public going door-to-door, I often wondered what would happen in 2014.
    It would be great if many woke up, but I doubt many JWs will even pause and think of the significance!

    I think you're right, and the 1975 deniers have shown us how it will work:

    "1914? The WTS never said anything specific about 1914."

    "True, they did mention the date, but they never claimed to be inspired prophets; their comments were merely an expressed opinion."

    "In their zeal for Jehovah's kingdom, a few of the brothers got carried away and read things into what the WTS said that weren't intended."

    "The main lesson to learn from this is that we have to be careful not to run ahead of Jehovah and his organization."

    "By the way, did you know Armageddon is just around the corner, and the only way to get into the ark of salvation is to associate yourself with and serve in the one organization in all the world to whom the Bible is not a sealed book?"

    "Would you like to have this magazine and start a Bible study with me?"

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    When I was IN, I often contemplated what was "really" going on as regards prophecy (because I knew the Borg's 1914 doctrine was FUBAR'd).

    One theory I had was that the 1000 year reign was actually underway, Satan had already been abyssed, and we were NOW living in the judgment period. What about Armageddon? How/why were nations still in existence? Because Armageddon happens at the END of the 1000 years, not at the beginning.

    Those were some of my thoughts when I still believed the prophecies were something more than the ravings of geriatric lunatics on 'shrooms and that the Watchtower was somehow being used by God.

    It won't be difficult to change the doctrines but it may end up being too late for the organization by the time they do so. There are chinks showing in the armor already, and GB 2.0 are by most accounts certifiable non-thinkers. I don't think they have what it takes to bring the Borganization back to its glory days. It isn't dying out but look for static growth worldwide soon and negative growth in developed countries to become a commonplace occurrance.

  • mamalove

    I bet they just cling to the "nobody knows the day or the hour, thief in the night" line.

    I do wonder how could they play with semantics and deliver new light to the followers to say they were wrong about 1914.

    "Dear brothers and sisters, we are all so grateful for clarification on our understanding of Christ's reign. How our faith will be strengthened to know that 1914 is no longer significant in the timeline of our beliefs. That being said, it is even more important that we be in the ministry to help our neighbors to obtain the hope of an eternal future under God's Kingdom."

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