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  • Finally-Free
    some Dubs must start to ask WTF Jesus has been doing for ONE HUNDRED years

    Don't forget, a day with God is like a thousand years for us. He's still eating his breakfast.


  • PSacramento
    Don't forget, a day with God is like a thousand years for us. He's still eating his breakfast.

    *Marks 2914 on his calender*

  • diamondiiz

    brotherdan: I know that, and I'm sure wts worried about it themselves but I don't see a choice for their long term existence. Unless they replace 1914 with 2014 since they were wrong by 100 years before in calculating 6000 years of human existance they can say they were off by 100 years when Jesus returned - but I don't see how that would work as well as eliminating the DATE all together. They have a very limited time in which they have to evolve wts into some form where people won't question the length of last days or why Jesus hasn't done anything since becoming king. The time is their biggest enemy IMO and the longer they keep up with 1914 BS the worse they may be off. We have to remember that Rutherford was able to successfully change the entire WTS chronology and much of the meaning associated with the past dates and wts continued to grow in numbers. I don't believe it's going to be as easy for wts to do this today but it's been done before. They can keep re-enforcing these questions - where else are we to go? Who else worships Jehovah like we do? Fear, guilt, fear and more guilt needs to be played out more than ever before they make a big move. They are already making GB more and more prominent and most witnesses don't even recognize that, they just repeat the same BS that they need to follow the fds. Logic is not part of religion especially this one so it won't surprise me if there are some big ass theological changes coming in the near future years with regards to dates and especially 1914.

  • thetrueone

    The rewording of Jesus's words from this generation to generation(s) was a slight of hand that the WTS had to implement for practical reasons.

    It is for this reason the WTS has slowing drafted this doctrine out their professed doctrines and most likely will eventually be completely written

    off the books. The WTS. has always come up with excuses of why their doctrines never came through as they professed.

    1914 will eventually become old light and old understanding, replaced by new light as a vehicle to support themselves.

    A asumable probality for when has this orgaization taken responcilbity for themselves in how their teachings had effected

    the lives of people who they indoctrinated ?

    I do agree with TD that 2014 will become a year for a assertive amount of the WTS followers to really question why and how come.

    But remember the WTS has its own regulations and rules to run itself on, created to protect their power and support,

    they know they can quickly muzzle people or boot out ones who start to get objectionable, they get fired.

  • steve2

    Everyone's assuming that the arrival and passing of 2014 will pose a problem. It won't - although I'd say the heyday for JWs is well and truly over, it's not so much due to failed dates, but simple tiredness. They JWs are simply a specific instance of what numberless Christian groups have done for hundreds of years: Set dates and re-set dates.

    Look, each new generation of JWs born into the religion doesn't see the passage of time as a problem. Remember 1925? No one does from personal experience because no one who was an active Bible Student back then is still alive. In a few decades, it'll be the same for 1975. No one who lived through 1975 will be alive. We are proof that those who are affected by the passage of time leave or get booted out - we are actually very few in number.

    Also, Waiting for the Christ is the main game all Christians have played for centuries. Hell, if it can be delayed for more than 2,000 years, I'd give this crazy group of teachings that are called "Christianity" a few more thousand years. Talk about believers in Christ defending the indefensible.

  • sd-7

    I'm absolutely certain that they can eliminate 1914 if they need to, without much trouble. But there would have to be some sort of doctrinal safety net. But in my reading of recent literature, it seems clear that 1914 has not been minimized. It's still part of 'this good news of the kingdom', so it can't be. If there was some numerical method that would divine a different date, one that ties to some specific, similarly catastrophic event--but perhaps also a key moment in the organization's history--maybe. But I just can't see it.

    Hmm. Certainly 1914 is a problem that has to be fixed before the mid-21st century, but it's not a problem that presents any danger to the survival of the organization. It thrives, after all, on the ignorance of those it recruits. No insult intended there, just saying that they're counting on people not doing their own research--and there will be plenty of victims who stand no chance against their methods, now and well into the future.

    It would be extremely dangerous for them to suggest another specific end-time year, like 2034. The fallout would be much, much worse than it has been before. Too much information is out there. So they can stretch 'this generation' for probably much longer than one might think. If they simply stop mentioning it after awhile, people will forget anyway.


  • thetrueone

    I think the posing problem for the WTS in the future will be the age of information offered on the inter-net.

    There is so much of this organization's past doctrinal history, easily accessible to people who are inadvertently interested

    that it has to make the GB and sub-executives paranoid . No wonder they, the GB are coming out with videos

    repeatedly saying that they are preaching " the Truth " " the Truth " "the Truth " over and over again.

    When its obviuos that they haven't.

  • TD

    The clock started ticking in 1935. Every single year that passes adds more people to a third class of Jehovah's Witnesses who neither go to heaven nor survive the great tribulation.

  • Joliette


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