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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    sabastious kind of beat me to it but my question is this. In the UK all registered charities have to publish audited accounts, these are easily accessed on line. Is there a similar system in the US? Is there no way accurate financial informatio can be gathered? There are many wild claims made about the society's worth.


  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    Here is what I’d like to hear more about: What is the inside story on the Frank Motte-Trille incident?

    I have read official [court]transcripts, including the testimony leading up to his disbarment. But what were folks inside Watchtower’s legal department saying, and in particular how did Mr. Glen react to the testimony of Mott-Trille’s daughter alleging that Glen had knowingly given false testimony under oath?

    Marvin Shilmer

  • minimus

    Uzzah, thanks for a good thread!

  • Violia

    Hello Uzzah, I recall your posts.

    I know in the early/mid 90's there was a list being passed around in our congo. The list was the email addresses of known apostates online. Do you ever recall hearing about or seeing this list? AOL was big then and they had a lot of chat rooms and there were other online sort of disscussion boards.(Really they were message boards. ) This list was being done by a MS, but I never got the impression it was a WTS activity. He and his buddies just were acting on their own. I asked for a copy of the list and he gave it to me. I wish I'd had the sense to keep it. I recall one name on it, names I did find on the early discussion boards. I was mainly looking to make sure my email address was not on the list ( not! )

    I listened to Johnny for a few minutes on his very last call. He may feel he is being followed or watched b/c he may BE being watched. Perhaps he and his buddies are acting on their own in the IT dept. and now afraid they are going to get caught. I did not believe Johnny was real at first, but I do now, but he is not doing anything official for the wts.

  • Uzzah

    I only have a couple of minutes before having to head out. So I will have to be brief for now.

    Net worth of the Society? I have no idea. COnsidering the property they own and estates still coming in regularly it is probably larger than many country's GDP.

    Mental illness. Depression and 'environmental allergies" seem to plague many Witnesses. Bethel is pretty hard on anyone less than 10 years who develop any kind of illness that could prevent them from doing their assignment. Unless of course they are in a prime position such as legal or Service desk overseer or on the Branch Committee (of course).

    I have seen many a single brother and married couple 'encouraged' (read told) to leave. No support financially, just told to go home and hopefully the local congregation will step up to help.

    The closest thing I can think of that is not really a Department is the Bethel Elder/Shepherding program especially for new Bethelites. These are more of a spy position and telling them what is acceptable or not. Making certain they don't miss morning worship etc.

    If they have set up anything more beyond the normal infirmary and Bethel elder arrangement I would be very very surprised. That would require feelings and human emotion which isn't usually manifest within Bethel policy.

    Marvin! Good to see you. We'll talk.

    I am not familiar with US Tax law regarding charities but in Canada I know they have to submit a public tax filing each year that details money in, money spent in different manners including how much money left Canada to support other charities (including to the US). I would imagine there is something similiar in the US in order to maintain charitable status.

    Oh and Shamus - Monkeys have bad breath and are actually reptilian aliens... I am outta here... LOL

  • shamus100


    I understand that I'm an alien with bad breath, but I am upset, GREATLY UPSET that there are no bunkers down there, and you're hiding in a closet at bethel! Can you jazz your story up to keep us a little more interested please? ;D

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    While Eduardo speaks in theoritical terms I actually worked in the Watchtower legal department and personally used this publication in preparing JW's for court cases. I helped re-write the School brochure to make it more "court-friendly" as well as some of the 'refuting' booklets (refuting claims against "My Book of Bible Stories, Your Youth etc). Little side point Carolyn Wah and Sarah Mott-Trille Hamilton were the actual individuals responsible for re-writing the School Brochure circa 1991.

    The INTENT of the booklet was to ensure the JW parent cast the best possible light before the Court and the extreme nature of the the religious expectations upon JW's was minimized.

    It was the experience of WT Legal that the majority of the JW's that actually got involved in religious issues during custody battles were not balanced nor respectful of the non-JW parent, expecting religious tolerance and freedom to be uni-directional. In fact, in some cases were not the better parent but the JW Legal team defended them just the same. So much for the "best interests of the children."

    I had some elders and one CO claim I was actually espousing apostate teachings while using these materials to prep them for Court. They disagreed with the approach and called some of the statements outright falsehoods. Amazing how they saw it (followed Society direction regardless) but a learned person like Eduardo is willfully blind to this fact.

    So let Eduardo blow all the smoke he wants, this booklet was prepared and printed with the sole purpose of deception and deceit of the courts and to coach in witness preparation.


  • fjtoth

    Hi Uzzah: Sure nice to hear from you again, and thanks for the kind words.

    I haven't participated much either during the past year or so, though I do check in about once a week - been pretty occupied with other things.

    And hi to you too, The_Present_Truth. As you can see, I'm still around.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    It's threads like this that makes this feel like Home Week

    And it shoes there is still a great need for topics like this by some who really know what they are talking about

  • factfinder

    Hi Uzzah! I was wondering if you could provide any info about the Canada printing branch?

    How many square feet of floor space does the printery have?

    How many presses do they have there?

    How many magazines did they print there last year?

    With the new press now in operation to supply magazines for the USA I guess they will be printing around 300 million magazines this year.(2011)

    Why was the magazine printing for the USA moved to Canada? Oddly enough this makes the US Branch the only printing branch that does not print the w & and g!

    Do you know what the annual production worldwide was for books, Bibles, magazines, tracts and booklets and brochures for 2010? They no longer publish this info although I did read that in 2008 book production was 108.6 million.

    Do you know why production info is no longer presented in the YB?

    Thanks Uzzah!

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