Verifiable Former Bethelite Willing to Answer questions

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  • Uzzah

    I am a former active poster here, former elder, former Bethelite and pretty much known by people on the XJW boards since the mid 90's. Gawd that makes me sound old.

    I notice that a great deal of uproar is being made by allegations of a hide in the closet alleged Bethelite. To counter the damage caused by this claim, I am happy to address any questions people may have about Bethel, protocol, etc.

    I was at the Canada Branch for 11 years, worked in multiple areas including the Legal Department, Service Desk and Writing Dept. I helped write a couple of Watchtower articles and some for the Canadian Kingdom Ministry.

    Unlike some, I can verify my Bethel record both with many known posters here as well as by media reports after my departure.

    I would love Johnny to come on to this thread as well and throw out his allegations. But I will ask for verifiable details. I still know many Brooklyn, Patterson and Walkill Bethelites and it will be easy to prove one way or another the reliablity of claims made.

    As far as my lack of posts over the past year or two.... To quote the Godfather, "I keep trying to get out but they keep pulling me back in"

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Welcome back, Uzzah:

    I was thinking of you yesterday and appreciate how your above mentioned background has given credence and authority to your posts. I was particularly grateful for your comments on the child custody thread I put up a few years ago. In an objective, straightforward manner I've passed on your thoughts to others, including JWs.

    Thank you for remaining available to the board.


  • Uzzah

    Thanks CC. I think of many here regularly and do check in on occasion and read updates.

    Been busy trying to make a real difference for others with my life which precludes a lot of time being spent online.

    Hoping all is well

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Hi Uzzah Nice to see you - good idea for a topic


    Hey Uzzah..

    Welcome back..

    This is a topic you can get your teeth into,better than most..

    Go after it..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • Finally-Free
    I can verify my Bethel record both with many known posters here as well as by media reports after my departure.

    I can certainly vouch for Uzzah. He came to my congregation sometime in '83 or '84, was in Bethel, and was my book study conductor for a while. He even knew my lovely ex. In all those years, I have never known Uzzah to make a false or misleading statement, and he was always the first to stand up for what he believed was right.

    Good to see you!


  • garyneal

    cool, marked

  • Reader1

    I do have a question.

    I heard on one of these boards that the Hospital Liason Committee is basically just goes through the motions here in Canada when it comes to blood transfusions. They know that they are going to lose when it goes to court, they know that it will go to court, and they know that a transfusion will be given.

    It is a dance they do just to make the brothers feel like they are doing something, when they are really doing nothing.

    Is this an accurate characterization?

  • TD


    Thanks for being a voice of sanity!

  • Uzzah

    Reader: There was a sense of realization that as far as adults go, they may have a case if there is evidence that the adult consciously made the decision. As far as minors go, they know they can't win and do go through the motions. the grey area is those in the mid-teens.

    The aspect of mature minors is still being determined by each Province and the SCC. So cases like Bethany Hughes will continue to be pursued agressively as will any doctor disobeying a directive of an adult patient that signs off on all liability against the hospital and doctors.

    Small children, they will kick up a fuss to impress the flock but that's about it

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