1984 WT cover -- Watchtower's Final Failed Prediction?

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  • BluesBrother

    I frequently have these kinds of debates at home.

    The family will dismiss this kind of stuff saying that it is "just somebody in the art department illustrating a point" and not to be taken too seriously. They say that it in no way corresponds with a real prophecy and it is just an element of human error that God, evidently, allows.

    If fact though - if seen objectively and not through rose coloured glasses - it does tell us something important about the WTS. Written predictions like this are totally different to the human errors of ,say, Peter or Moses. Those men committed acts of ill judgement at times . That does not matter. If the Chairman of the Gov. Body had a strop and told the others to F** off , one day...he would be at fault, but it would in no way affect the teaching of that Gov Body.

    It is the teaching that really matters, what they write down and publish. That is what we are entitled to judge them on ..Their track record of failure shows that they KNOW NOTHING...as leaders they are BLIND GUIDES ...their teaching is rubbish apart from when they simply repeat scripture

    If you apply any kind of objective reasoning to the shifting sands of Watchtower doctrine, you have to conclude that they know no more than anybody else about scriptures..it is just human ideas about what it all might mean.

  • thetrueone

    I agree with everyone here WELL DONE LEN

    This proclaiming doctrine of the WTS. which they have held to for decades and may have actually disfellowshipped thousands

    for disagreeing with them shows the true corruption of the organization. It was a constructed lie to bring relevance and viability

    to the organization as a publishing organization and as self promoting marketing scheme. Unfortunately this dating system eventually

    has drained itself of its potential usefulness and has actually become a discerning anchor to carry . Their created excuse for nothing

    happening since 1914 as a full generation of 100 years comes to close is starting to be a problem .

    They were so bold to come right out and say Jesus said Generation(s) rewriting the words spoken of whom they proclaim they are true

    followers of. But that is just an example of the arrogance built up around this organization and the people who run it.

    Rewriting the actual words in the bible to suit their needs highlights their actual inherent corruption.

  • Terry

    Jehovah's Witnesses only become WITNESSES by taking "food at the proper time" to householders.

    The 1984 WT was the "food at the proper time".

    By Present Truth understanding the 1984 message was untrue.

    Case closed.

    There is no other way to "interpret" what went down.

  • cabasilas

    Thanks, CoCo for identifying number 1. It shouldn't be long before someone identifies the last person. And, thanks FatFreek2005 for making the listing!

  • Vidiot

    Quite the catch-22, really.

    Research clearly indicates that apocalyptic groups are really only able to effectively increase their numbers by stoking up anticipation via date-setting.

    The WTS can no longer continue date-setting as it stretches their credibility light-years past the breaking point, but still needs to expand its membership to survive (it's based on a 20th Century Western capitalist business model, after all - dependent on theoretical "infinite growth"), thus the increasing shrillness of pre-Apocalyptic rhetoric. The WTS arguably can't stop; being an apocalyptic Christian group is its whole reason for existence, but the lack of concrete date-setting effectively neuters the "message".

    What to do, what to do?

    "Goin' up to the country" and building underground bunker complexes, maybe.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Okay, the new Photobucket image has been uploaded to the same exact link URL so that what you saw on page 1 of this thread should now be different. Don't forget to refresh your browser if the first name on that list remains "Unidentified".

    If you right click on that image (or any image within this site) and if you have Windows 7 like I do you will have 4 useful choices:

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    As to the remaining "Unidentified" person please do all you can to find out and I will update the image list. Unfortunately, our PM system at JWN is virtually useless since PMs sit behind a static (no longer dynamic) envelope icon that never changes. Unless we click that icon we'll never know there's a message there. If anybody can somehow reach our friend fjtoth, please let us know. Thanks, VM44.

    Sab: Can I ask how you obtained the names?

    Sure. On page 1, this thread, I somewhat summarized that. But here are the links that may help you re-trace our steps.

    Thread name, "1984 WT cover, How many of 16 alive today?"

    Thread URL: www.jehovahs-witness.net/social/current/204657/3/1984-WT-cover-1914-Gen-That-Will-Not-Pass-How-many-of-16-alive-today

    Up until that thread, 10 of the 16 names had already been revealed in other threads and other site sources. Barb Anderson then stepped up and provided another 4 names. She had, as we all know, had personally been around many of those folks in her Bethel career.

    Thanks to all.


  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Hmmm ... I just went to page 1 and refreshed my browser at least 3 times. Still no change there.

    I just tried to insert that image here but it still has the old one. I don't pretend to be a web site expert here but I suspect JWN may be using some of it's own cacheing to enable speed of page loading. Perhaps in a day or so it will show up correctly. I realize I'm blowing smoke here -- I just don't know the answer. Anybody else with an answer?

    If push comes to shove and you need a fresh copy, go to my Photobucket page a this URL:


    Len Miller

  • laverite

    I remember this Watchtower so well. I remember when it came out. I remember studying it. I remember that there was specific mention of the end of the century and that it couldn't pass without the big "A" happening (paraphrasing here of course). They have changed the wording in the WT CD.

    This issue made a big impression on me, and I was a YOUNG teenager then. Within a few short years, I realized that they were pulling all kinds of crap out their backsides and publishing it as "Truth" and we were eating this sh*t up, so to speak.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I woke up to the BS coming from the Watchtower Publishing & Real Estate Co.

  • sabastious
    The 1984 WT was the "food at the proper time".

    Interesting how "food at the proper time" can just be a lie to "calm people down" or to "maintain the sense of urgency".

    They have no morals what so ever really, because all the morals they hold true to themselves is always twisted to protect the Parent Organization. I'm starting to believe that there are no real individuals within the Organization. I used to believe that they were few and far between but it seems apparent to me now that 100% are furthering an agenda.

    All their morals point to the protection or progression of the Agenda. That is not ethics that is business.


  • Vidiot

    sabastious - "I'm starting to believe that there are no real individuals within the Organization. I used to believe that they were few and far between..."

    There used to be. Since around 1980-ish, the creative types, intellectuals, and out-of-the-box thinkers have been quietly, steadily winnowed out, one way or another. BTW, I fully acknowledge that it may not necessarily be intentional, but that doesn't make it any less real.

    Assuming that it is, indeed, unwritten policy, and that GB2.0 keeps this policy in effect (and I see no reason to believe otherwise), they run the serious risk of being left with a worldwide body of morons.

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