1984 WT cover, 1914 Gen That Will Not Pass -- How many of 16 alive today?

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  • cabasilas

    Using the Social Security Death Index, I was able to find 13 of the 16 people. These are public records. I removed the SS numbers. The birth date is followed by their date of death. Looks like the oldest to pass away was Sophie Yuchniewicz at age 102 in 2008 at Wallkill.

    Those wanting to confirm can check here:


    WORSLEY, ARTHUR A 22 Feb 1907 01 Dec 1996 (V)89 11201 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)

    GANGAS, GEORGE 7 Feb 1896 28 Jul 1994 98 11201 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)(none specified)

    HATZFELD, ROBERT H 07 Jul 1903 13 Nov 2001 (V) 98 12563 (Patterson, Putnam, NY) (none specified)

    YUCHNIEWICZ, SOPHIE 21 Aug 1906 02 Dec 2008 (P) 102 12589 (Wallkill, Ulster, NY) (none specified)

    HERRLINGER, BETTY 20 Nov 1894 18 Jan 1995 (V) 100 11201 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (none specified)

    POETZINGER, MARTIN 25 Jul 1904 16 Jun 1988 83 11201 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (none specified)

    ERRICHETTI, JOHN 18 Oct 1912 21 Sep 1997 (V) 84 12563 (Patterson, Putnam, NY) (none specified)

    ROSE, ANN M 18 Sep 1910 09 Aug 2000 (V) 89 12563 (Patterson, Putnam, NY) (none specified)

    DERDERIAN, DICKRAN 15 Nov 1892 Aug 1984 91 11201 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (none specified)

    HANNAN, MARY 13 Aug 1898 Apr 1985 86 11201 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (none specified)

    HANNAN, GEORGE E 23 Oct 1899 28 Aug 1992 (V) 92 11201 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (none specified)

    ULRICH, CLARENCE 08 Feb 1908 04 Jul 1989 (V) 81 11201 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) 11201 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)

    HENSCHEL, BERNICE 10 Nov 1909 19 Jan 2001 (V) 91 12563 (Patterson, Putnam, NY) (none specified)

    There's a lead on the last one to be identified. We hope to provide that soon.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Great piece of work, Cabasilas. Thank you.

    The puzzle may never be completed perfectly but it won't be because it wasn't attempted.

    Len Miller

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  • VM44

    The simple point to be taken away from this exercise is this,

    The Watchtower was wrong about a doctrine that it taught for DECADES!

    (Did any of the apostles do that?)

  • VM44

    Did the chiropracteur couple leave Brooklyn Bethel?

    If so, that would explain why they are hard to find in the online databases.

    Of course, it would help if we could confirm the exact spelling of their name.

    Does anyone know for what years they were at Bethel?

  • AndersonsInfo

    The Stemans , Steimans , Steemans came into Bethel in the early 1980s from Tampa, Florida. I think they arrived sometime in late 1983 and stayed about two years. I do know they were kindly asked by George Couch, Home Overseer, to leave Bethel. George told us, the chiropractor really didn't want to work and spent too much time socializing with Bethelite patients and Home personnel. Steman was retired from his personal practice for quite a few years when he came in, and wasn't exactly young. Both of them looked like they were in their early to mid 70s then. Around 1996 or 1997, when we were visiting with an old friend, a Tampa elder, he told us that the chiropractor in question was disfellowshipped sometime later after his return from Bethel to Tampa and it was not for apostasy, but for immorality. It seems to me that Dr. Stemens was deceased when our conversation with our friend took place.

  • wobble

    Come in No.8 your time is up !

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    They have simply become INVISIBLE,

    just like Jesus' parousia and Armageddon.

    Get with the program, Campers!

  • Ding

    No doubt most, if not all, of those people really believed they would make it into paradise without dying.

    Think of how many JWs took that magazine around proclaiming this "truth."


    Even sadder that so many people still think the WTS speaks for Jehovah.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    No doubt most, if not all, of those people really believed they would make it into paradise without dying.

    Hey, Ding, you just brought up an interesting point. I suspect that many, if not most, of those folks had a heavenly hope. Just speculating here because these were all very long-timers -- many of them with bios in one yearbook or another. If this is the case why would Watchtower parade them as poster-children of survivors beyond the "1914, this generation" conclusion?


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