I told my daughter I was leaving "the truth" this weekend.

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  • whataburger

    Great idea - a binder full of WTBS material that proves your points. No mention of cults or sects. You should scan this binder in and make a PDF document that others can use. Sell it on Amazon.com for the Kindle.

    Two points I would like to make:

    1. This scenario is playing out all over the country, in home after home. Time marches on, and so does the truth.

    2. I especially appreciate that you did this in a positive way. I first stumbled upon this community in the 90's, but it was so bitter and negative that I was turned off by it - people like Tom Talley who were so negative that I think I decided it would be better to stay positive and just go through the motions then to side with the negative people. The mood has changed and there are many good people in this group now - three cheers for keeping it positive.

  • mamalove

    Wow, that is wonderful and impressive. I love what you did and how you went about it. Great balance and thinking. You sound like a great mom and grandma. Your family is very fortunate.

    Now you have me wanting to put together my own binder if I ever get the opportunity to talk to my own mother again before one of us dies.

  • JimmyPage

    Wow I am so happy for you! Great way to present the facts, too.

  • baltar447

    Your son in law sounds like alot of younger men in the org. They aren't interested in the org dictating what they can and can't do in their homes and what movies or games they watch. especially when we've heard countless conflicting OPINIONS from COs and elders. One CO might like Star Trek for example, and the next one think it's demonic. Answer: the org trying to dictate everything about entertainment: Moronic.

  • whathappened

    Luckily, my son in law is not a servant. He has been told he needs to consistantly get 10 hours a month in field service and he can't quite make it. They wont even let him handle the microphones!

    I am going to play this by ear for now and not push anything. I have read Crisis of Conscience but I fear it would be too overwhelming for her. When my sister, GrandmaJones first told me she was leaving, I tried to "save" her because I love her. I wrote her a letter, too. I suspect, my daughter will try to do the same, which will give me the opportunity to introduce more information to her, as my sister did to me. That's the reason I'm here today.

    Thanks to everyone for the support you have given me.

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    *whew* That was powerful and moving. You had to make a tough call and it seems to have been the right one. Nicely done.

    Thinking back to where my mind was a few years ago (heavily soaked in WT theology), you did a masterful thing by presenting only information from the WT publications. That being said, I think that Scott77's suggestion of "do not forget to encourage her to visit jwn.net for more updates. freeminds.org is also a good site too," is an unwise one at this stage. Granted, I don't know your daughter; but from your description above, I would allow her to ruminate on the info you presented to her and let it do the work for a while. No need to rush things. You were wise not to use the terms "cult" and "apostate." If you told her to visit these sites, where that language (and even harsher dialogue) is used, it could turn her off to the truths you already showed her.

    My two cents, and all my best to you during this challenging time.

  • Giordano

    Great Presentation. Hope it all works out for you and your daughter.

  • cameo-d
  • shamus100


    Your heart must have been racing 100 miles an hour. Your daughters reaction was not typical.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    You did such a great job. I loved your binder you had with you. That was the best idea as it is so hard to refute what is true when it is right in front of you.

    Thanks for sharing I am so glad it turned out like it did.


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