Tyrant of a wife!

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    Get your Mrs a "Dog Bark Collar"..

    Everytime she starts to Yap..She gets an Electrical Shock..

    If you turn it on High ..

    She won`t even remember how to talk in a month..


    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • whatistruth

    Thank you for you great advice. I have desicions to make, but I know what I must do. It's not easy and I know I will have her and her family tracking me down but it has to done. I really have no choice.

  • yknot

    There is a train of thought that says if you are arguing with a woman you have already lost the battle......

    I am going to point out something that is deeply inculcated to most if not all born/raised JWgirls......

    We defend the 'Truth' automatically when we are 'captives'....

    The good news is her arguing back with you means she wants you to believe, which means somewhere beyond her anger and frustration she loves you....(if not our attitude is that of long-term suffering and martyrdom in a stagnate marriage waiting for the day Jah kills you or you stray )

    She doesn't trust you, you don't trust her..... a truce has to be drawn (unless you have decided to get a divorce)

    If you choose a truce, suggest you are deeply stumbled..... she will suggest the 'usual' JW remedies, you will refuse on the basis of you not feeling any 'trust'.....again reiterate you being stumbled, you fear being sooo stumbled you will NEVER return to the KH ever again!...... intro suggestion of studying older pubs (Russell-present)..... because u need to "make the truth your own' again but in following Matt 18:20 you need her to help you cite 1 Cor 7:13-14 or other relevent scripture...

  • whatistruth
    I am going to point out something that is deeply inculcated to most if not all born/raised JWgirls......
    We defend the 'Truth' automatically when we are 'captives'

    That is so true!! It's like some sort of security blanket she feels I am trying to take away. Funny thing she could probably quote 3 scriptures and could not explain jw doctrine at all. And yet I know it like the back of my hand ( pionerring 11 years, Bethel 3 years) But her whole life is in the cult so she defends something she just doesn't know at, all emotion.

  • Gerard

    Let me see:

    1. No children
    2. Your wife is not happy with you
    3. You are not happy with she
    4. You woke up to the realities of the cult
    5. She wants to remain in the cult
    6. You want to leave her and move on

    I'd say move out, get a divorce and begin a new life. Have a restraining order against her, specially with her phone calls. If it makes you feel better, find a job in another city. Just be free man! It will all get better from the moment you move out. I guarantee you.

  • whatistruth

    How do I go about getting a restraining order? Never did it before

  • mamalove

    You can get free consultations with any divorce atty. Call your city police, they will tell you how. There are phone calls to be made, lots of paperwork, etc.

    Being married 10 years, she will go after you for alimony. Would she freak if you talked divorce? Do you still go to meetings?

  • Giordano

    You need to get proactive. Start by asking that question on line, Google restraining order, seperation and divorce. Talk to an attorney.

    It doesn't sound like she is going to go along with this. You need to get good legal advice. Re alimony etc. Ownership of property etc.

    Before and while seperated do everything legal and above board. Sometimes the situation can change. People do get back together.

    Down the line there will be a legal hearing. You may did some witnesses, Friends, family, co workers to her outbursts.

    What's the fear about......... has she abused you before with her fists, made threats on your life or just yells?

  • LV101

    great advice --- i'd only add in the event you're emotionally tied (and this is killing you having to leave her because you still love her or are addicted to her, whatever) go online under cOda.org and get to a meeting --- even if you blow town you might want to check this group out. it's a support group that offers info to help you especially w/rage-aholics and manipulative, people. i know several people have benefitted greatly w/this in addition to one on one counseling.


  • finallyfree!

    wow!! sounds like my ex!! she prolly never puts out either? id get the hell outta there as fast as you can!! do not have kids with her!! you will probably end up having to pay her alimony if she makes less than you but no money can buy sanity and peace of mind!! youre prolly a great guy stuck in a shitty marriage just like i was. split everything, get a divorce and move on.

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