Tyrant of a wife!

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  • whatistruth

    I really do. If I divulged just a few things she had done to me, you would never believe it. So here it goes. I don't believe in this utter nonsense at all! It is make belief brainwashing fear and guilt. I NEED to get out of this cult badly! My wife believe in it all the way, devote, but mostly because every single person she has ever known in her life has been a jw. More than that she treats me like dog crap on the lawn. We fight every single day, she almost always starts them and when I do it is out of complete sadness of what my on shot at this world is like. It is horrible and would not wish it on my worst enemy. When we fight it lasts usually for about 3-4 hours of her constant screaming extreme cursing emotional abuse. I honestly try with her, I am not a bad guy at all.

    I need to start over! Question is: How do I leave this cult with a wife like this, all hell would break loose! Also how do I leave her and the cult together, because believe me she will not make it easy and when it comes to that point I will actually be in fear of my life. This is very serious stuff here. I need help more than ever. Please help me with this horrible situation/prison I am in.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    get stable financialy - something i didnt do- and i hate to say it- go to a strip bar. that is a DF offence and you can get a divorce.

  • mouthy

    WOW!!! Walk away instead of arguing for 3 -4 hours
    She cant argue if your not in the room with her... There are many nasty folks
    that enjoy a good fight. I would try to find a safe place to go to. Have you kids?

    how long have you been married. ? Was she a JW when you married her ,were you?

    Walk away from her....That is my advice

  • Robdar

    Life isn't easy. Sometimes you have to suck it up and plunge your hand into the crap to clean your toilet. Time to put on your walking shoes.

    I also like what Mouthy said. It takes two to tango and as long as you stand there and argue, you are just as guilty of the fight.

  • whatistruth

    I do walk away but she always follows me to give me more, when i try to leave the house just to go for a drive a clear my head a bit, she blocks me literally and i don't ever want to her by moving her. She calls me cell many times a day at work to let me know my faults and where I lack in certain things. It is so cruel. How do I leave everything behind and move far far away? I feel that is my only way to a peaceful more satisfying life. It's like she's a pro at this. Crazy thing, I am not a fighter and never fought until we got married. It is a living hell!!!

  • mouthy

    She sound like she has a mental problem. I would seek a restraining order when you do get away

  • whatistruth

    I know she has mental issues and i have begged her to see a therapist. But nooooo, they're bad and satanic. She needs therapy and meds because something is not right up there for sure!

  • Gayle

    oh my,,this is scarey,,please contact a lawyer first,,marriage counseling possible? Your wife sounds very angry (to point of serious mental illness)with her life, more than just her relationship with you,,,,you have a "double whammy" to your problems there,,how long has this been going on,,you may need someone in helpful counseling for just you for accepting this abuse for any long period of time. Are there children?

    You must take positive steps now,,but go slowly with a plan.

  • mamalove

    She sounds like a very unhappy person. Projecting anger and rage against you is a form of relief for her inner anger. What does she yell at you for?

    Leaving the JW's is one thing, divorce is another. They sometimes go hand in hand, as in my case.

    You seem to be more upset about your marriage right now, so I will comment more on that. Marriage should not be hell to live in. Happiness and peace are completely priceless. If you have kids, it is FAR WORSE for them to observe this. They will grow up thinking that is normal and acceptable. If you do have kids, it is essential you spare them of this abuse by association.

    Second, have you been able to speak to her when she is calm? Do you ever have good times? I am sure some will disagree, but I think life is too short to be unhappy for the long term. I am much happier being divorced. Sure I have to pay all of my own bills, and take out my own garbage, shovel my own snow and mow my lawn. But other than that, not much more of a burden other than the whole divorce stress which is very difficult.

    pm me if you want to talk. hang in there my friend.

  • whatistruth

    no children, thank goodness! It has been going on for 10 years. I really beieve one day while she is out I will pack as much up in my car and just leave, change bank accounts etc... and live for once in my life

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