How Important is knowing the Truth, Really?

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  • cameo-d

    Is the quest of finding the real truth even attainable? Is the quest of trying to find out worth the risk and the sacrifice of losing the love of friends and family? Oh, I know many of you will say the "love" is fake or not true if it can't hold up to scrutinty. But, in this life, and in this situation, it's pretty much all you got and all you're going to get, right? What's the alternative...being on your own in the cold?

    So this pearl of great price....this great wisdom of knowing the it worth what it costs?

    Do you search out of "ego"...of no longer wanting to be taken for a fool? Do you want to know more than everyone else? Do you just have a need to be smarter?

    Or is it a craving that comes from your gut and you just can't stop digging?

    In the great scheme of things, is it really that important to find out the truth? Will it change all that has been joyful in this world for you? Are you ready to give up this world?

  • Gill

    It is worth KNOW.

    We all live in our minds in a prison to which we hold the key.

    There is a price for finding out Truth.

    When we choose to 'find out', we open the door to the prison and step out..............into nothingness.

    There is no horizon at first, and life is VERY difficult.

    Slowly we right ourselves, start to achieve an horizon.........slowly..........slowly only to find the horizon shifting constantly the more we find out, study, learn, investigate, understand, move on.

    It is fraught with dangers as we have to continue our day to day life and get on with our friends, relatives, work etc all the time with the difficulty of now having a completely different horizon to everyone else we know.

    As we find out more and more, each year that goes by it feels that the horizon is solidifying.........and to be honest, it is. The picture does slowly come together but only a minority of people have made the effort to see this picture and so there are few to share it with.

    But it really is amazing and worth every sacrifice along the far.

    I would recommend it to everyone who has courage to wake up to 'the Real World' but it is not for the faint hearted or those who are not willing to spend hours upon hours reading, studying, learning and travelling.

    But what an Adventure!

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    Depends how you define the Truth. Then it really is worth finding.

  • DanaBug

    I lost my family before I found out the truth about the "truth". There came a time when I had to find out if the reality I had accepted as a child was really reality. It didn't seem like it. My experiences were not what I was told they would be.

    Will it change all that has been joyful in this world for you?

    Maybe not change it, but color it differently. For instance, knowing that my life and my daughter's is not at risk because I refuse to raise her in such a judgemental, negative environment; that gives me a lot of peace. I can freely enjoy all these little moments with her, doing things I was told would displease God. I still would have enjoyed those moments if I didn't know, but I would've always felt some guilt for it. And knowing that I didn't actually turn my back on God, just the man-made rules of an organization, has opened up so much for me.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not sure if this is what you're asking at all. What I'm trying to say is, the truth I've found so far has given me some peace and helped me to be happier. So far it has been worth what it would have cost, but I had already paid that price. There may be more I have to pay in the future, when I can't keep my mouth shut anymore, but I think that'll be worth it too.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I don't know if it is possible to know the full truth about most matters. But what we can know for sure is what is NOT true.

    Even in research most of the time the results define what is not true rather than what is.


    The JW Cult would rather be Right,than know the Truth

    "I`d rather Know the Truth..Than be Right"..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • cameo-d

    The Finger: "Depends how you define the Truth. Then it really is worth finding."

    I do not need to define Truth. I said a "quest" for truth....the opportunity and the freedom to search things out for yourself. There is no guarantee that any of us will find "the Truth" and further, my truth may not be the same as what you discover as your truth. The experiences we base our truths on will be different.

    If one even dares to embark on such a quest when it bucks the norm of the society in which you are encompassed, one will soon realize the punishments of non-conformity. That's why I am asking is this dare to journey into unexplored territory worth it as you can see from others it is painful, chaotic, angering, depressing, upsetting and will turn your whole world upside down.

    How bad do you really want to know the truth? Are you willing to pit fact against belief? Can you handle realizing the wasted years and your own stupidity and come to terms with advancing past it? Are you willing to forfeit the ties that bind to the only semblence of security that you have known?

    What makes it worthwhile to risk losing your family and friends, and possibly your mind?

    How bad do you want to know the truth? Where do you think it will lead once you find it, if you do?

  • slimboyfat

    I don't believe in truth. And it is too often a counterproductive fiction.

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    Jesus said "I am the truth" which would indicate he knew there was only one.

    The "truth leads to eternal life" but not as we know it.

  • whereami

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