Congresswoman Shot in Tucson

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  • villabolo
  • beksbks

    Sooner, it's more likely with a bunch of people around him, who did bring him down when he went to reload.

  • sooner7nc

    10 round Cal mag, 15 round standard G19 mag, or extended 30 round mag, those poor people still got shot and probably would have anyway no matter the capacity. It's just plain sad.

  • thetrueone

    There is that possible chance BEKS but in a situation where gun fire opens up everyone immediately runs for cover,

    it takes just a couple of seconds to reload those guns with another clip.

    Who do you think he would point the gun at if he saw someone coming at him ?

    Would that be enough time for someone to jump on the attacker ?

    The people that did with this guy just got lucky.

    Restricting the clip size on these automatic weapons is like putting a tiny bandage on a big open wound.

  • beksbks

    It's horrific, I still can't shake the vision of the woman shielding her daughter. I would have gone, and I would have encouraged my daughter to go if she was at home, and I would have done the same.

    I don't want your gun man, but I do want your 30 round magazine. Straight up.

  • beksbks

    But thetrueone, that is what happened in this case. He went to reload and was tackled. Two men and an older woman kept him from reloading.

  • thetrueone

    Thats the apparent situation for this one case but as that video shows of that guy reloading his gun,

    small magazine clips can be fitted on a belt clip making the reloading process a snap, making absolutely

    no time for anyone to make an advance on to that person.

    I think the cumulative process of having any gun in these kinds of people hands is more of an important issue.

  • VIII

    I have one simple question:

    You're all so focused on why .

    Did you ever think about this as you wished billions dead as a JW?

  • beksbks

    Did you ever think about this as you wished billions dead as a JW?

    Who said we did?? I take it you were a convert?

  • Simon

    It amazes me how easily manipulated the American people are. Let me spell it out for you.

    Your constitution is pretty simple and well thought out but c'mon, do you really think they intended to have people running round with guns in everyday life?

    Lawyers like to make the constitution complex so that they make a lot of money arguing cases back and forth.

    All the pro- and anti- gun people can't see that the system is being perpetuated by lawers with their nose in the trough because its a never ending gravy train.

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