so what have i missed???

by oompa 47 Replies latest jw friends

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Oompa glad to have you back sorry to hear about your spill.

  • sherah

    Speedy recovery!

  • Magwitch

    Welcome Back!

    How are your injuries?????

  • Quirky1

    Good to hear from you Oompa..

  • palmtree67

    Hello again, my freind!

    It is WONDERFUL to see you here again!!

    Hugs and Kisses,


  • cantleave

    Welcome back Oomps - you have been missed and made many worry about you.

  • Robert7

    OOMPA! Glad to see you back on JWN!

  • nugget

    how fab to see you. I missed you.

  • undercover

    Oompa... glad you're recovering. A couple of people kept me abreast of your deal. I was thinking about you, even if I couldn't come visit or offer anything...

    Will you get back in the saddle, when recovered?

  • sd-7

    Welcome back, dude! Glad you're recoverin' well!

    The GB's been trying to get parents to tell their kids to not act independently of the organization, even in small ways. See October 15, 2010 WT for that one. Oh, and how about dressing up your kids like Rutherford to teach 'em about the history of the organization? See March 15, 2011 WT and the picture, "God's Organization--A Worthy Topic for Study"!'s gettin' a little more intense. They wanted to make sure to make the cult extra tasty-crispy for whenever you got back on your feet.

    Oh, So blood saved your life, eh? I need to start storing my own blood sometime...never know when they'll start tellin' 'em to stone apostates!


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