An Open letter to the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses (Elders/ Ex-Elders)

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    Awesome, thanks for posting this.

    Just wanted to point out that #5 seems to be clearly talking about pedophiles but never specifically says so. Other than that....

  • Sapphy

    4b: And before you say "we never claimed to be inspired" please ask yourselves what exactly is the difference between "spirit inspired" and "spirit directed" which you do claim to be.

    12 The current doctrine on blood is not intellectually coherent. We can have all fractions of a blood component, but not the component itself. Who really could defend the 'logic' of this?

    13 Repeatedly and increasingly conflating obeying the organisation with obeying God. Christians worship God not an organisation, a society, an association or a corporation.

  • thenoblelodge

    How nice if they did read and act upon it.......but they won't. Sighs

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    Stuckin - Did you state these as your reasons when you stood down? What reason did you give?

  • stuckinamovement

    @ Anon, I can't say too much for fear of openly outing myself. Those are the reasons that caused me to step down. (Too bad we are forced to hide behind anonimity.) @prodigal, thanks I must have been typing too fast. Yes #5 is talking about the pedophile problem. Looking at Misery's thread about KM school I can tell that there were many of us that had the same impression of the school and the tone of the talks. In my experience there are many honest hearted elders who truly love the flock. I feel that those will be the ones who step down in the coming years because they cannot support the irrational authoritarian slant the Governing Body has recently taken. As the years pass by, any thinking person will start to wonder "why if this is God's spirit directed organization how come the end has stretched on for 130+ years?" The more that you repeat the assertion that the "end is near" the more hollow it sounds. Jesus taught us how to treat people with love. It is clear to me that the Organization is slipping into the practices and habits of the Pharisees. The leaders either can't see it or refuse to see it. The only hope that I have, is that there is someone at Bethel who sees this themselves and has the courage and internal honesty to stand up for what is right. If you are or were an elder and agree with the sentiments in the above posts, please comment. SIAM

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    Juan Viejo2

    Stuckinamovement... You have a PM.

  • stuckinamovement

    Juan- you have a PM

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    im stuck in

    Excellent post couldn't have said it better myself. I served as an elder for over 35 years recently resigning. Holding many prominent positions. This horrible trap is beyond beleif. I like you have many close relatives that are so wrapped up in the organization that I am not sure I can ever leave completely, but they no longer have my mind only the body "sometimes"just to keep up a pretence. I have seen so many good people completely ruined in my time by the desires of men that think only of themselves. I wish all here the best and too hope that it falls apart like the house of cards that it is.

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