An Open letter to the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses (Elders/ Ex-Elders)

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous


  • AllTimeJeff

    I missed this. Certainly an excellent letter. I think all letters, regardless of position or rank are important. I think that letters from elders carry more weight though, because the Service Dept can't pretend the issues listed don't exist. I think it also adds legitimacy to the fank and file when they leave.

    I know that the Service Dept reads all letters from elders when they leave (as long as they aren't novels.)

    Just a personal opinion. Any elder knows the gold standard of elder letters is to keep it to one side of one page. If an elder does that in his resignation letter, it is sort of a subliminal "EFF YOU".

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I made a fake e-mail address and sent this to a few elders. The first part... heh heheehehhahahahha lets see what I get in return. Oh bad apostate

  • AllTimeJeff

    ATJeff's Resignation Letter

    I got this to one side of one page. Of all the things I am most proud of, it's this. It was personal and factual. I know who the brothers are who would read this. I sure hope that it affected them.

    There is no one who works in the Service Dept who dies ignorant of all the JW hypocrisy and lies.

  • Quendi

    I'm joining this discussion way late, but I had to give my support to SIAM and others in his position. At the very least, writing a letter like this will address the issues of conscience many have. Unfortunately, the Governing Body is totally immune to such appeals. These men are truly wolves in sheep's covering who have no intention of serving others but only to be served themselves. Well, they will reap what they sow.


  • free @ last
    free @ last

    I'm so happy this was bumped.


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The first 558 e-mails are going out the door soon! It's amazing how many contacts you can aggregate over the years in the Kingdom Hall folder of your e-mail.

    See my previous post on this thread for more details. But to reiterate:

    In concert with the Undercover Brother campaign that has started among dissenting, active Jehovah's Witnesses I am starting a (personal) campaign to inform the uninformed.


    - Collect/harvest all e-mails (and if you do letter writing you could do your letter writing to Witnesses as well and count it as service time) from your fellow witnesses. Chain mails are great sources of random addresses.

    - Create one or more e-mail accounts on an anonymous e-mail service like or any listed here

    - Send out this letter to as many people as you would like including your elders, your friends, your family, whoever you think is worthy but try to avoid the 'superfine apostles'.

    - Include some INFORMING websites such as this one,, etc.. Do not include Six-Screens or other Crazy Apostate websites or 'marked' literature such as Crisis of Conscience.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Wow. I'm just reading this letter for the 2nd time and point 4 really got me thinking. 4. We are taught as an organization that the light gets brighter as Jehovah blesses his servants with Holy Spirit and increased understanding. Is Jehovah responsible for flip flopping doctrines such as the generation of Matt. 24:34, organ transplants, Blood transfusions, the superior authorities etc. or is it men who claim to be inspired? Despite these changes each time credit/blame is given to Jehovah. If the Faithful and Discreet slave were actually inspired, faithful, or discreet, these teachings would have never changed. I never quite thought about it that way. It's always new light and the FDS always says their understanding has changed (again). It's implied at that moment of new light that it was their fault for the mistake in understanding. But SIAM is right. Every bit of new light is always introduced as Jehovah giving them understanding, coming from him and his holy spirit. So who messed up? CoC

  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    Where is your faith in Jehovah? Jehovah will take care of things in his own due time. You are only seeing the fleshly side of things.

    Sound familiar?

    A member of the Governing Body once told a story of when his faith was tested. His conclusion was to remain with the organization despite recognizing that their current understanding was wrong. His logic was because he learned the basic 'truths' from the JWs. His faith led him to believe that things would change and they did. That was then and now he is dead.

    Have you ever noticed that once a person takes a position on anything, right or wrong, they have to figure out a way to give some relevance to their position rather than just admit that they were wrong. Politicians do this and so do religious leaders. "You are taking things out of context." "You have no faith." "You have accurate knowledge but the 'truth' is not in your heart."

    You, You, You ...

    Some people fear consequence and many are they that choose to remain in the pit of spiritual delusion. It's safe not to question authority but the result is an unhappy life. I'm happy because I love learning and I wipe the floor with any elder that I meet. Want to know how?

    Never get into a scriptural debate with any witness - it's a waste of time. You know that you are right - so do they because they are a witless group that count time and call that preaching.

    Ask them very simple questions. "After all your years of faithful service, do you think that you will be more relevant in Jehovah God's new world than me?""Even if you studied with 100 people, does that make you more significant than the person who only studied with two?""Is your place in God's new world a better place than mine?"

    Some might be psychotic enough to expose themselves, but if you ask the question with humility or at least with respect, they will have to start thinking.

    "Do you think that Jehovah loves you more than me?"

    That's how I would end any letter to the organization.

  • stuckinamovement

    Thanks to all for the positive response. Thanks to Anony mous for "spreading the message far and wide." In retrospect I think that if I had recieved something like this as an elder at the very least it would have given me food for thought.


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