Do You Folks Wanna Hear My Story?

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  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Farkel - I was baptised at a young teenager in 1956. I was very zealous, gave up the opportunity to go to college, pioneered, and did everything a young dub should have done--even influenced a number of people to accept the "truth" including my father.

    I would be especially interested to hear your stories. They might bring back a few memories.


  • journey-on

    I interviewed the founder and CEO of a corporation many years ago for a company newsletter for which I was the editor. Most were expecting typical questions regarding the company's growth from a small local business to a large multi-regional corporation. When I approached it from a more up-close-and-personal perspective, asking questions about his personal motivation and driving force behind the "man" rather than the "CEO", he seemed taken aback. But, suddenly he opened up and began talking about the inner man that motivated him each step of the way and added many little private experiences that contributed to his own personal growth right along with the company's growth. It turned out to be one of the most interesting articles ever for the newsletter.

    Will you allow us to ask questions along the way as you write your story?

  • greenhornet

    Farkel, Please we like to hear your story, perhaps on the conf. call on 6 screens. A while back I did here your voice.

    I also date back to the 50s as a boy in the "truth" "ding" You can call me I will PM my phone # to you. We can share stories also. Just man to man.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    I know a little about your story; just the bits and pieces you have chosen to share on the board and by PM. I encourage you to write. You have much more to say than people realize.

    A while back I wrote the first 20odd years of my life and posted it here on the board sort of as a daily diary entry. People were fascinated. Their comments encouraged me to keep going. Without them I would have stopped. Well actuially I did stop and have tried getting back into it but so far haven't gone very far - silly because I am really just starting the JW years.

    My best guess is that we will all be fascinated into what helped form you into the person you are today. But a word of caution. Write only what you are really comfortable sharing. Write it for you but keep in your mind others will be reading it. Feel free to edit parts out that you aren't ready to share.

    I know from experience that writing my story was healing. Sharing it was also healing because of the support I got after so many years of only telling things in bits and pieces.

    I think too there are two ways to tell our stories. We can just get it all out, the day to day stuff along with the JW stuff or just the JW experiences as single episodes disconnected from the rest of our lives. I don't think my experiences as a JW are all that unique. I never met anyone on the GB. I nver had a chance to travel much. I did know Splane years ago, before he went to Bethel and who is now on the GB but can't remember him very well. So I don't have those stories. But as you say what makes our stories unique is the personal day to day living as a JW or ex-JW or for some, like me who had a life as a pre-JW.

    Whatever you choose to write take your time. I did 16 daily installments. It was quite the task. But I felt good when it was done. Maybe it's time to get writing again.

    Doug you are a person I care about. Do what is right for you. We might want to know but you have to be ready to share. I know that whenever you do tell your story you will help many others but most importantly it will help you if you can allow yourself to feel the hurt and heal from it.

    luv ya whatever you decide -- Lee

  • mamalove

    Yes please, I love stories and I am sure I am not alone!


    Good Morning Farkel..

    Happy New Year Bud!!..

    You My Friend are an interesting Character and a Good Writer..

    Your story would make great reading..


    I have a Request..

    After all these years I finally have a Computer with Sound and an Internet Service that doesn`t take till Next Year to get information..

    This is my opportunity to hear Your Music ..Could you PLEASE put some on JWN for us to listen to..

    I`ve read all the Oooo`s and Awessssss`s when people have listened to it..

    I`d like to Oooo and Aaaaawe for myself..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    One more thing Doug

    Big Tex posted this when I stopped writing

    When dysfunctional secrets are revealed, it very often takes a great deal of energy out. So many times there is such a strong NO TALK rule that there is a part of us that fights to keep it in while at the same time we fight to get it out. That takes tremendous energy to wage that battle.

    ... I know you know this, but when revealing secrets there is often a strong sense of shame. I truly don't want to see that shame mixed with the don't talk rule silence you.

    You are needed. You are important. You help others and I hope we have given something back to you.

    I'll say the very same words to you


  • Scully

    Yes, I want to know what makes The Farkel tick. Besides ticks or tics, though rumour has it that he has both.

  • watson

    Please do Farkel. Looking forward to it!

  • tenyearsafter

    Would love to read it Fark...we are in the same age group, so I am sure it will be interesting!

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