Non-evidence reasons why people embrace Evolution.

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  • hooberus

    Evolutionists always claim that the reason why they believe in Evolution and reject creation is due to "evidence". They frequently use the opposite term "no evidence" in relation to any type of intelligent design, or creation, (and especially to Genesis creation and flood history !).

    Their advocated beliefs always tend to include whatever is necessary to believe in to intellectually "explain" the existence of the universe, world, and its creatures without needing God). They always claim that these beliefs (no matter what they are) are "backed by evidence" ; "overwhelming evidence" etc, repeat, evidence; etc, repeat, evidence; etc..

    However I think that their principal reasons for embracing evolution often have more to do with other factors than mere "evidence". This thead is about a discussion of some of these other reasons.

    *Note: By "Evolution" (capital "E") I mean the complete evolutionary naturalist version of history (molecules to man), not merely "evolution" in the limited sense of mere biological "change" (which of course everyone including Biblical creationists accept).

  • hooberus

    Non-evidence Reason #1.

    Social and sexual liberalism.

    While one may find many socially conservative people who believe in evolution, one will virtually never find a socially liberal activist person who believes in Biblical creationism (i.e. that the first 11 Chapters of Genesis are real straightforward history). This is because a socially liberal belief system is incompatible with a historical genesis. Therefore Liberals will (and do) universally reject an historical Genesis.

  • hooberus

    Non-evidence reason #2.

    Personal hurt by religious persons or organizations that claim to represent God.

    A backlash against God himself often ensues, and attributing everthing to evolution helps in the rejection of God.

  • hooberus

    Non-evidence reason #3.

    Philosphical a priori starting point that mandates an evolutionary naturalist conclusion from the start.

    Evolutionists frequently allow only "naturalistic explanations" as allowable (due to philosophical or methodological bias). This essentailly mandates some sort of an evolutionary conclusion. Evolutionists even go so far as to demand that science itself be defined as such.

  • hooberus

    Non-evidence reason #4.

    Desire to be accepted as an intellectual, desire to conform to the predominate viewpoint of others pereceived as intellectuals.

    more to come.

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    The society often claimed that people believed in evolution so that they wouldn't have to serve jehovah.

    That's a sound argument, right?

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