Florida Holding No Refusal DUI Checkpoints. If You Refuse They Stick A Needle...

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  • minimus

    James, it's too much government control. Like we NEED them because we're clueless without them.

  • lola28

    My boyfriends best friend lost his little girl a few weeks ago because some jerk got behind the wheel after leaving the pub. I work in insurance and have people come in who have had 2+ DUI's and who feel no remorse over it, it's always someone elses fault that they drove drunk! Even after paying all the fines and having to go to drivers education classes they still don't learn, so I have no sympathy for them. If you have nothing to hide you should have no problem with being tested!

  • impissed

    Minimus I agree with 100%

    I read this post and had to tell my story about all the fine work the Florida State police make up for them selfs. A week before this happen I was stopped at one of Jacksonville's many waste of time, Wednesday 9:00 P.M. check points. I had no problems. BUT the next week was a different story

    To start with, It was a Friday afternoon, before a three day weekend (4th of July). While driving down I-95 in a full size van, with 4 other passengers is when an Semi truck driver decided that he wanted to ocupie my space while I was useing it. We went off road for a bit, he swerved back and forth. Later I found out he had been drugging and fell asleep while driving. I'm getting a head of the story.

    I called 911 because this had now been going on for about 3 miles. Once the productive Florida State Trouper arrived, he made the truck pull over as I did. I explained what had happen, so he started his report by asking for my drivers license and curent insurance. I had given him both.

    After about 20 minutes he returned to my van only to inform me that my license had been sespended? a code 10 came up on his computer.

    I asked "what's a code 10?" his reply was so profound I can still remember it to this day " I DON"T KNOW" and he continued with " but I need to arrest you for driving with no licenses, and since your passengers are under the age for driving we need to tow your van".

    My arraignment was Tuesday July 5th and that's when I found what a code 10 was. NO INSURANCE. But I had current insurance with Geico I had been paying for now for 8 months, I had canceled checks, I had all the proof I was in the right, it didn't matter. I was gulity until innocent.

    I had canceled my Progressive policy in November, and progressive informed the State that I had done so. I did start the Geico policy 30 days prior to canceling Progressive. But since Geico did not contact the State of Florida to inform them that I was now with Geico, All of Florida's police computers showed me as CODE 10 with a invalid licenses.

    After all was said and done I had to pay $150.00 towing, $325.00 impound fee's, $682.00 in court cost, $25.00 for a new drivers licenssens. All for contacting 911 when an unsafe driver was on the road.

    oh ya, the truck driver got off with a warning, and was released at the seen, sine the COPS had me to get their monthly bonus from.

    It took over 9 month fight but I did receive 1/2 of my money back after alot of MY TIME was wasted.

    I was 41 at the time and had only recieved 1 speeding ticket when I was 16 (going 8 MPH over the limit) I have moved since then to a better place, CANADA.

  • NewChapter

    WELL impissed. That was quite a first post. Welcome! Nothing like American courts to pull you out in the open! Tell us a little about yourself when you're ready! I wonder if Geico was required to report that you had insurance with them since Progressive obviously felt obligated to report when you left them. Sue Geico.

    I want to move to Canada.


  • botchtowersociety
    I read this post and had to tell my story about all the fine work the Florida State police make up for them selfs.

    I could tell you several stories but here is a recent one on out of control policing (I live in SW Florida):

    So I take my boy to karate classes 3x a week. While he is doing his classes, we parents watch and converse. BB loves karate.

    I spoke with one of the fathers last week. It turns out his young daughter fell down at home a few days prior and split her lip open badly and was bleeding all over the place. The scared girl was screaming. Time to run to the hospital. He jumps in his car with the girl, and speeds off to the hospital. Cops pull him over for speeding two blocks away from the hospital.

    So here is this father, blood all over his shirt, and a girl in the backseat bleeding from her face all over a rag and her clothes and crying. You'd think the cops would cut him a break, or at least follow him two freaking blocks to the hospital so he can get his hurt girl cared for and then handle the ticketing.

    No way, Jose.

    He had to sit for 30 minutes while a check was run and a ticket was written up. The girl got 8 stitches and the cop is an asshole. The family is hispanic and dark skinned at that. One southern "redneck" father that was there hearing the story along with me angrily says: "They wouldn't have done that if you were white."

    Florida's public servants?

  • Scully

    Aside from the judge being present to write a court order, is there an on-site lab to do the processing?

    What if the person is technically impaired, but not by alcohol? A BAC is of no use in that case.

  • Diest

    If you dont want to get busted for sleeping drunk in your car...Hide you keys...if you cant operate the vehicle then you cant get busted. Having the ability to drive in most states is enough to do you in. PS Good lawyers can disprove DUIs now....there are several in my city who win more than 50% of the jury trials.

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