Beware of things to come!

by Hortenzie 47 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • thetrueone

    So goats will be saved now, I'm sure they will be happy about that.

    I can see them now standing by the fence pointing and laughing.

  • Satanus

    There's verses in the bible that condemn shepherds that eat their sheep. Too, tired to find em, right now.


  • Listener
    The Foolish Shepherd. - Zechariah 11:15. "And Jehovah said to me, Take to thee yet the implement of a foolish shepherd. Zechariah 11:16. For, behold, I raise up to myself a shepherd in the land: that which is perishing will he not observe, that which is scattered will he not seek, and that which is broken will he not heal; that which is standing will he not care for; and the flesh of the fat one will he eat, and tear their claws in pieces. Zechariah 11:17. Woe to the worthless shepherd, who forsakes the flock! sword over his arm, and over his right eye: his arm shall wither, and his right eye be extinguished." After Israel has compelled the good shepherd to lay down his shepherd's office, in consequence of its own sin, it is not to be left to itself, but to be given into the hand of a foolish shepherd, who will destroy it.
  • VM44

    What if ALL the sheep obeyed? Who would picked to be dinner then? Or would the family give up eating lamb?

  • Liberty93

    People often forget that even the best shepherd doesn't shepherd the sheep for their own welfare - he does it for his. And eventually all of those sheep wind up as mutton.

  • monkeyman

    I'm sorry but to me this is nothing but a shitty anecdotal story that only serves the purpose to control people with fear.

    Would have been nice to use a story from the Bible.

  • leavingwt

    Sheep that remained stubborn ended up on our dinner table.

    Cults shoot their wounded.

    As an outsider, one must simply read what they print and listen to what they say to comprehend the destructive nature of this organization.

  • Butterflyleia85

    I say "EAT ME" THEN!!


    I'm stubborn as h e double hockey stick. and I say my grandma is too...

    My grandma is an awesome person but she don't like to go against what she feels is right... even if it is what the Watchtower says is right if she doesn't feel it's right then she will make a stand. She's a good Jehovah's Witness in my opinion.

    I on the other had... I'm stubborn too but mine wasn't always for good I see now... it was because I was young and I thought that is what was good for me... anyways my point is.

    Some people are stubborn and it doesn't mean they deserve to be killed... Some people have differences and that doesn't mean they are wrong!

    So go ahead and try and EAT ME! (how can a sheep be stubborn yet be a symbol of hummbleness... dumbasses... an ass is stubborn... all just symbolic meaning of personalities that we can have, not meaning we are all permently one creature over another... we all have this quality stubborn, hummble, etc. )

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