Beware of things to come!

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  • Hortenzie

    This is an excerpt from Awake! March 2011 page 22. It's an experience of JW who used to be a real shepherd and he is talking here about real sheep. Why is it reminding me of something and why does it give me shivers?:

    "In a flock there always seemed to be stubborn sheep. For some reason they just didn’t want to obey the shepherd. At times, other sheep were inclined to follow a disobedient one. So the shepherd would try to train and discipline the stubborn ones. For example, he would leave such a sheep in the pen alone. In time, some accepted correction and followed the shepherd’s directions. Sheep that remained stubborn ended up on our dinner table."

  • thetrueone

    The WTS wants to remain in controlling power over their flock, using the analogy of a Shepard controlling sheep and

    pointing out one that wont comply is just how low people are perceived. Human are not sheep or goats.

    Other so called Christian based faiths pull the same controlling position on their owned sheep, rebuke

    their control and pay the penalty. Religions like this continually impose fear to remain and hold on to power.

    Keeping in mind that the WTS is a fear mongering apocalyptic religious cult, reading things like this in their magazines

    isn't really too surprising, they are the masters of god's kingdom here on earth you know.

  • Listener


    So they eat their sheep that don't comply. But not before leaving them alone. Is that supposed to justify their disciplinary actions.

    Great analogy, the rest of the sheep were fed and cared for (or bullied and fed scraps) only to be sold and end up on someone else's table to eat - maybe it is accurate after all.

  • Heaven

    Don't tell me... this shepherd's name is... "Andre".

    He went back to shepherding after his IT job was outsourced to India. Or was it that he got fired for drinking on his window washing job?

    I really have a hard time keeping all of "Andre's" life trials straight.

  • zoiks

    A shepherd looks after sheep, not for their benefit, but for his own.

  • Soldier77

    LOL! @ Heaven! I was gonna say the same. I bet that shepherd WAS Andre.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    the twist is they all eventually end up on the dinner table

  • designs

    Had grilled lamb last night for dinner, it was delicious not stubborn at all

  • clarity

    Hortenzie, hi

    Once again, trying to justify 'their' disfellowship/shunning policies. Truly sick!!

    Don't listen to that crap!


  • Soldier77

    After reading that quote again, I'm pretty convinced it was all fiction. Like the rest of their stories and doctrine.

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