Beware of things to come!

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  • Sayswho

    OMG...I just went to and downloaded the mag and read the article.

    • Nothing is put into print without having a double purpose.
    • This is intended to state what happens or will happen to those who do not do as they say (not as the bible says).
    • No normal (real) person talks like this: At times, other sheep were inclined to follow a disobedient one.
    • Do what we say or be Df'ed...if you don't conform God (GB) will kill you at Armageddon!!!



  • james_woods
    After reading that quote again, I'm pretty convinced it was all fiction. Like the rest of their stories and doctrine.

    +++ It is complete BS.

  • baltar447

    Wow, the middle of that paragraph doesn't even fit the rest. The other ones he's all speaking from experiences with him and his uncle. This part talks about "the shepherd" in the third person. I think they added to this paragraph.

  • Gerard

    Christian sects have been astute in fomenting the analogy of followers being "sheep", as it implies blind obedience, no discernment and full compliance.

    Once they accept impersonating a rumiant, they give away their human essence and spirit to a greedy "shepperd" wearing a $1000 suit and being fattened in Brooklyn.

    But it is never too late to admit I've been suckered into a fear-mongering cult and that I DO HAVE CHOICES.

  • DaCheech
    So they eat their sheep that don't comply. But not before leaving them alone. Is that supposed to justify their disciplinary actions.
    Great analogy, the rest of the sheep were fed and cared for (or bullied and fed scraps) only to be sold and end up on someone else's table to eat - maybe it is accurate after all.

    so, why would we want a shepherd, if were gonna be eaten anyway?

    I think the stubborn one is really the smart one, that wants "out"!

  • thetrueone

    The leaders of the WTS. are really starting to be very aware of the revealing and countervailing information about their organization,

    being particularly spread out on the inter-net. I think that was the hidden postulating agenda behind that video

    they put out last summer, which was just self promoting propaganda and nothing else.

    If anyone has seen it you'll notice the term " The Truth " used over and over again, throughout the film.

    Yeah we got the truth on you boys in Brooklyn, your personal Armageddon might be just around the corner.

  • agonus

    How odd. There's another active thread that just happens to hint at the cannibalistic overtones of "meat in due season"...

    Soylent Green is made of sheeple! IT'S SHEEPLE!!!

  • flipper

    Great , now the GB is going to instruct elders to eat the goddamned sheep if they don't cooperate ! This is getting weirder each year I swear

  • thetrueone

    Good one agonus

    Looks like devout JWs are going to have to eat any disobedient slaves, who

    wont conform to the will of the masters.

    That leaves the only remaining question, how to cook a JWS, do you roast,

    barbecue or deep fry them ?

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis


    talk about trying to scare someone straight......

    Sad that they are serious cause I read that and thought only of this.

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