1947 Awake Says Excommunication is Unbiblical and Pagan!

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    This is a big deal. I had some success in sharing this article with a loved one. They were stunned to see that the Society once condemned a practice that they now strongly promote. The WTS is truly condemned with their own words.

    What is comical about it is, the 1947 article says that the scriptures commonly used to justify excommunication such as Matt. 18:15-19; 1 Cor. 5:3-5, 16:22 really can't be used to support the practice. Today those scripitures are the "biblical" basis for the practice of disfellowshipping. Bottom line is these clowns will twist the scriptures to support whatever the hell they want. It is all interpretation.

    If you are active and fading, or are DF'ed please share the article with any you speak with. It will plant a seed.


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  • The Oracle
    The Oracle


    I can't believe I wasn't already aware of the blatant and significant flip flop.

    Definitely something that could be used to free a few more minds.

    Thanks for sharing!

    The Oracle

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    We all know how WT flip flops on tons of doctrine and teachings. But this one takes the cake.

    WT first rags on the Catholic Church (Awake January 1947 magazine) for adopting the unscriptural and pagan practice of excommunication then they themselves in the early 1950's start practicing it and so as not to look like they agree with the RCC, they change the name to Disfellowshipping! What Sons-Of-Beeches!

    Excellent find Ding.

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    If someone could just get an official statement from the Steve Unthank " hearings" we could attach that to this article. Is there anyway to get that statement of the WTBTS lawyers saying, " We are a hierarchy just like the Catholic Church." ????? That would be awesome. Unfortunately, it would just be viewed as hearsay without a actual document.

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    Newly Enlightened

    Great find Ding!

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    Good thread, Ding! Thank you! I am marking it for later.

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