[JPEG] Memorial Partakers Worldwide: 11,202

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  • garyneal

    I'm sure eventually something will happen but if the Society goes as far as declare the number to be symbolic, I wonder if even my wife would have a problem with this teaching? On the one hand, I think she might have a problem with it, but on the other hand, she swallowed that overlapping generation nonsense hook, line, and sinker. If the Society does proclaim the number to be symbolic, they will be quite sneaky about it so as to not awaken the rank and file too much.

  • factfinder

    "The problem is that they rely too much on the interpretation of a few men rather than the Bible."

    That is the case unfortunatly. They are so conditioned to trust the "slave" that they can't get past it and try to reason on things. If I was still a witness this jump in partakers to over 11,000 would have been discouraging to me. We were taught that the closer we get to the end the fewer partakers there would be. I began studying in 1976 and there are now more partaking than there was back then.

    But my brother won't question this." Just trust in the "slave". they have God's spirit-we don't."

    The fact that the society keeps publishing the number of partakers even as it continues to go up each year shows that they do not expect the witnesses to be too upset by it.

    But for some strange reason they keep the production statistics for the literature produced out of the publications-hidden.

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