Narcissistic mothers and JW,s

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  • dinah

    Oh Jeez.

    I'm lily white and Josie is black. Hmppfff. I see two Americans doing their best to learn from their parents mistakes and give the kids a life.

    Cultural differences will always rise above mental illness.

    And YES! those with Narcissistic personalities will fall for the Witnesses. You never get old. You can be great in the eyes of others for faithfully attending all the meetings, and writing good talks, and turning in good hours. That is all they want.

    (((Josie))) I love you. I just haven't been here much lately.

  • Curtains

    babayaga, please read my post again and tell me where I said NPD is not a real recognized, diagnosable abnormality or that it is simply cultural difference/generational difference. I would like very much for you to at least acknowledge what I am saying, even if you don't agree with me, instead of jumping to conclusions.

    what I did say is that on this thread all I see is...

  • VoidEater

    My mom was, and still is, practically perfect in every way (also, while in the troof, not a slave to it, thankfully).

    Dad, on the other hand...! Narcissistic bipolar scary dude...

  • dinah

    Voidy, it's usually the men "in da troof" that are assholes. And they get away with beating their wives and kids because they are elders and kids are just so rebellious!

  • mrsjones5

    (((Josie))) I love you. I just haven't been here much lately.

    Aw, thank you my sista from a different mother.

    And thank you Curtians for your thoughtful comments and edits.

  • jam

    OK, talk to my son today and my JW daughter 30yrs old. A large

    age difference. She still stay in contact with me .( she have been warn

    by elders ). She told me she have moved on and yes some of the things

    that describes a narcissistic mom she can relate too. Her life was great

    not as bad as her brother. Their was time when she was younger she

    could not understand her mother action, and she would never do the

    same too her kids,(two children). This is great because the cycle is

    broken. She ask me, dad what do you remerber about mom?

    Years ago I stop talking negative about their mom to my kids, it

    accomplish nothing. My daughter told me I know mom beleive in tough love,

    and she did not show affection. I told her yes I knew this about your mom,

    her mother was the same. I really feel bad for my kids, I had no idea this

    was the case in our hosehold. She did tell me , dad you were the only one

    I can recall taking us kids to places to have fun, doing things with us and

    for us. But I have forgiven mom and moved on. For the last two days I have

    not been able to sleep. Why would A person take the joy of being A kid, take

    that away from them. I knew she was selfish, but I thought it was directed

    at me, not my kids. I am sorry friends but this is all new to me. So I need to

    talk too my other son and see how he feels. My oldest daughter I will never

    know (she also A jw), have not talk to her in over 7-8 years. She was the

    golden child.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Well this thread has me so choked up. Thank you for the information jam and mrsjones. Thank you for your experiences everyone.

    My mother is a major trip.

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