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  • JAVA


    LOL it is not a mutation....Yes it is different then your basic dna makeup. We woman just call it PERFECTION!

    Oh no, mommy is infected, too! Larc, the mutation is spreading faster than we thought; we must work night and day to find a cure. So far we've been able to isolate the female DNA that's causing the problem, but it's difficult changing the "Men-are-the-head-of-the-household" gene back again. It's a complex chemical unit of a chromosome that carries a heredity trait that's altered when female apostates say the mantra (which I will not repeat here). Larc, the situation is becoming critical; when these females start thinking on their own, getting a life, and hanging out together, they experience the "PERFECTION" mutation, thus changing the healthy "Men-are-the-head-of-the-household" gene. This is serious . . .

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  • Angharad


    I'll let you into a secret

    The men are the head of the household gene, does not exist. Its actually the humour gene.

    This allows us women to humour the men by letting them think they are the head of the household, this is what keeps them happy and under control.

  • larc

    Now wait one darn minute here, I AM the head of my house. I make all the major decisions, and ZAzu makes the minor ones. I decide how to reduce the National Dept. I decide foreign policy. Zazu takes care of the little details, like where we are going to live and what kind of car we are going to drive.
    Glad I had a chance to clear that up, and JAVA I'm sorry I wasn't around earlier to defend our majestic role in the household. I was busy telling my friends how to reduce the price of oil.

  • JAVA

    Brother larc:

    Thanks for the post, and I'm please to see who's running things at your place. I have to go now, it's time to meet for field service.

    JAVA counting time at the Coffee Shop

  • RedhorseWoman

    JAVA, not to frighten you or anything, but OUR research team is VERY, VERY close to perfecting the mutation of the male gene so that it will enable men to gleefully clean house, buy wondrous presents for their female owners, and run in fear from any type of day-long TV sportscast.

    It will be easy to administer the gene-mutating chemical, also. We'll just put it in....... Well, just let me say this....don't eat, don't sleep, don't smoke or drink....you should be relatively safe. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Simon

    "Thorough research shows that men's brain are far more developed than womens although, as the diagrams show, women can be taught simple tasks like shopping." Just an excuse for me to post these again really...


    I know, I know...I'm running...

  • JAVA


    it will enable men to gleefully clean house, buy wondrous presents for their female owners, and run in fear from any type of day-long TV sportscast.

    Hey, it looks like you are trying to create men who are just like Larc, Simon, and me. I need to go now, it's time to buy more roses and chocolate.

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  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    I find this ridiculous rhetoric highly offensive. And Simon you should be ashamed of yourself. The male brain was very accurate, but the female? I think not. I for one have a fine sense of direction, and can see this topic is heading in the wrong one.
    My husband and I take turns being the head. (it is only fair, and since he was never a witness it was really easy to train him)
    The reason it is so hard to find mutated female DNA is because there is none. Wendy was correct. Women's DNA is so highly developed that it has reached a stage where no more improvement is necessary or even desired!!!
    TW [8>]

  • JAVA

    Oh no Simon, look what you've done:

    I find this ridiculous rhetoric highly offensive.

    TW is upset because of the female gif picture, and I don't blame her! I noticed the Chocolate Center, and Shopping section is too small, while the Sex segment is too large on the female brain you listed. As soon as larc gets finished meeting with the world leaders, he'll explain some of the other discrepancies science has discovered with the female brain illustration you posted.

    It's okay TW, larc will clear things up when he returns from a meeting with the financial backers of our research. He can't say who they are, but I understand they have the cleanest windows in Brooklyn.

    JAVA, counting time with the group at the Coffee Shop

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    Hey Simon,

    I do believe your post counter is a bit off and JWD has reached the half million post mark already. Congratulations and thanks to you and Angharad for keeping it going.



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