The Mother of All Watchtower Errors

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  • ProdigalSon

    Jehovah: "In the day you eat from it, you will positively die."

    Serpent: "You will positively NOT die".

    Serpent: "God knows you will be like him, knowing good and and bad."

    Jehovah: "Here they have become like us, knowing good and bad."

    So, who's the liar?

    Compare this to the ancient myths. The "Creator" is ALWAYS the bad guy with numerous issues to contend with. Only in the Bible does "God" create a perfect world.

    It isn't rocket science. It's just the biggest deception in the history of the planet, but now it's the information age and the human race is finally learning to see the Bible for what it is.... a baby book on the surface and a truth-telling metaphor underneath.


  • designs

    And of course it always boils down to the Threat phase of their Religious system: Us vs Them (if you disagree you are 'Anti-Christs) then Judgement Day.

    Crosses and Beads and superstitions grip these peoples lives. It is a tragedy of an enormous scale.

  • Perry
    Actually Perry if you ask a JW this it would obviously stump them. But I do believe the WT assert that the 12 tribes spoken of in Matthew mean something different from the 12 tribes in Rev. They never mention the two verses at the same time...but define them in different ways.

    I'm in sales and so I observe people for a living. I notice the body language of the JW's when I ask them questions that they have not memorized a canned WT answer for. Instead of being curious and wanting to know the answer, or even just admitting they don't know, it seems to assault their pride and vanity. It makes them very uncomfortable. Most want to get away immediately. Truth threatens their filthy Watchtower god and their idolatry. I havn't tried this particular logic before, but I'm itching to try it now.

    If they describe the two sets of 12 tribes in different ways, I'd like to know beforehand. Wouldn't surprise me....but mabe this is one hole they didn't cover.

  • isaacaustin

    I do not have my WTCD here..but perhaps someone can run it and see how the WT uses the Matthew, and how what it says regarding the 12 tribes.

  • isaacaustin

    Perry, actually I am almost positive that the Wt says that in Matthew, the 12 tribes represents the whole world...while in Revelation it represents Jerusalem Above.

  • designs


    I do sales as well, why do Fundamentalists stiffin and get red faced when they are exposed to the myths about their version of the Messiah.

    Regarding our former Religion's belief in the 12 Tribes being judged, its a circular thing where that 'Class' as they call themsleves 'judge' or examine prospective members to this 'Bride Class'.

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