What is the longest you know of a Fader being out of the JW's and then DF'd?

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  • poopsiecakes

    I just don't agree with the whole idea of hunting people down.

    I mean, I wasn't a threat to their unity or whatever. No one in the cong knew who I was, they didn't know I was even in town. They don't know me or my situation.

    I agree with all of this, darlin. In my case I stopped going because I didn't have the mental or emotional energy to make new friends. I still believed it was 'the truth' though and intended to go back eventually which is why I agreed to the JC. In my mind I was taking a break. During my JC, I begged them not to df me and asked for help. I told them that by df'ing me they were essentially cutting me off forever and that the least they could do for me (since they hadn't bothered before) was to be good shepherds and HELP instead of tossing me aside like I was nothing. It didn't phase them one bit. Bastards. Looking back, I know that I was only a witness for the social aspect which is why moving away to a new place and not knowing anyone made going to the meetings a drudgery that I just didn't want. If only I had started to figure shit out earlier...oh well, live and learn.

    What really bothers me about your situation Palm, is that you hadn't even gone to a meeting and were still hunted down. That's just vicious.

  • TD

    It's true, from the standpoint of free will, anybody can do anything they want any time them want.

    You can be shot for anything at anytime, provided someone who doesn't like you is crazy enough to pull the trigger.

    I'm not trying to compare a criminal offense with a civil complaint --- just showing that the question is entirely open-ended if it is simply a matter of free will.

    The real question is whether they had the legal authority to do so. Most sane people wouldn't shoot you regardless of how mad they got because the legal remedies are extremely severe.

    From what everyone is saying, I would guess that JW elders really don't understand that their ecclesiastical authority derives directly from secular law and honestly don't know when they are exposing themselves legally? I could easily be wrong, but it seems like a stern letter from your attorney is all it would take to restore their sanity (?)

    Phone rings....

    Hi, I'm Elder Spud of the Elksnout congregation! Are you Brother X?

    I'm Tom X. What can I do for you?

    Well Tom, several people have come forward with a serious accusation. We would like to meet with you about it

    Who's "We."

    Why myself and Brother Rutabaga.

    I'm sorry. I'm sure you and Mr. Rutabaga are good people, but what is your interest here? Do you have a pastoral interest in my spiritual welfare?

    Yes we do

    I don't want to be offensive, but no you don't. You don't know me and I don't know you. We've never met at all. What is more, I've never even set foot inside the Elksnout congregation and didn't even know it existed before talking to you. You have no standing here and are acting outside the boundaries of Caesar's law by even calling me. I've done nothing wrong and will do everything in my power to protect my good name in this community. Do you understand the lack of legal standing here?

    I'm sorry... I don't know what you're talking about. Are you refusing to meet with us?

    You have no legal standing to even request a meeting! If you don't know what I'm talking about, I strongly suggest you contact the legal department at Patterson after we hang up. Please address future communication through my attorney. I'll give you her contact information.

    I realize that sometimes Elders are willing to fall on their sword for the organization, especially with extremely high profile "Apostates." Barbara Grizutti Harrison, for example was disfellowshipped in absentia by Elders she didn't even know. It seems to me that this is more the exception than the rule though.

  • moshe

    Thanks for the scenario, TD- but then, if the elders were told about their legal limitations by the WT org, they might begin to question if jehobah was really calling the shots for the entire WT org.

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