Okay Moshe - we need some captions added to this great pic, again from 15 wt

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  • MrMonroe

    Honest to God, Brenda! I saw your textbook on display and all I said was, "What a great rack!"

  • MrMonroe

    "Wow, Brenda, the whole office is buzzing afrter you told all the girls you start every day with a good one and can't stop thinking about it all day!"

    "Shame on you, Brad! I was talking about the Daily Text!"

  • the-illuminator81

    "Are you sure you're not coming to the bar with the others? You've got to celebrate that big deal we had today!"

    "No, I have to attend my biweekly brainwashing session or I will lose my reputation with the other zombies."

    "Wow Deb, that sounds crazy!"


    "Hey Deb, wanna examine some scriptures? In my pants?"

    "Not unless it's inspired by the holy spirit!"


    "Come on Deb you don't really believe all that bible crap now do you?"

    "Go behind me Satan!"

    "Wow I never figured you the kinky type!"


    "So have you and your hubby decided if you want to come over for dinner with me and the wife next sunday?"

    "I can't associate with worldlies, you're a bad influence and you will all be destroyed at Armageddon anyway."

    "Wow, consider yourself uninvited you freak."

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