I'm starting to develop a real hatred toward this religion

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I go though the same thing with my husband, everything in the news is about how close the end is. How this system just cannot sustain its self much longer, this points to the end of the system or that points to it. Never anything good or happy, this is not the real life, we do not have time to go for a walk or just enjoy each other because there is always a WT or a meeting part to do.

    They want people to be miserable and unhappy even though they clam to be a happy religion. I really too am starting to have hate toward this religion for all the harm and ruined lives it has caused.

    I also saw them take $250,000.00 from a older sister and leave the kids with nothing, the sister got no help or attention until they realized she had money then they were all over her. Sad.


  • cantleave

    I feel sorry for those trapped by the illusion of the watchtower. It is an evil, controlling, cult! Unfortunately until someone is ready to wake up and escape they won't. Sorry about your situation MIB.

  • LV101

    has she deeded the house --- if she's incompetent when she deeded it over YOU CAN CHALLENGE IT (and let's face it --- you have to be incompetent to deed something over to this cult --- get some guns (good lawyers even if you apply/retain free ones). IF SHE HAS NOT SIGNED A DEED --- FAMILY MEMBERS (you) need to go in and get a GUARDIAN APPOINTED.

    get yourself a lawyer -- and there are specialists in most communities for senior services. DON'T SIT BACK AND LET THESE CROOKS STEAL FROM YOUR MOTHER and you since you are blood. check your phone book for legalaid --- senior services asap. SO SORRY YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS --- but stand up to them.


  • Robdar

    Your dad must miss your mom very much and is clinging to the hope he will see her again soon.

    I, too, have developed a real hatred toward the WTS. I logged on to this site after many month of inactivity to cruise the threads. Alas, the story remains the same only the names of the victims have changed.

    (((((Man in Black)))))

  • Roski

    Hopscotch - I am also in Australia and I have the office of Adult Guardian onto it - they said there are red flags all over it! But in the end I do not know how effective they will be. After seeing how it goes with them I will use my own legal representative, however, I have a feeling that the boys at Bethel are operating in their usual way. They are not waiting for my mother to die so I can contest the will - they want it done first and then it would be too expensive for me to fight them. My interest is not in the money (will) anyway, but having some control over her money to see she gets the ongoing care she needs, so if all the money is spent - so much the better. Unfortunately my mother - as well as having dementia - is brainwashed from long ago and sounds just like the OP's father.

    LV101 - I was the guardian with her consent but the local elders got her to re sign for them. One morning she showed me a piece of paper and didn't know why she had to sign more papers at the bank. The alarm went off and I rang the bank. The bank manager told me she was not happy about the 2 men who came in with her to sign and asked me if they are family member...one I know a little (and anyone from Ausrt would be quite surprised to know who it is) and the other I have never met....but he is my mother's power of attorney :-) Not even the manners to make a phone call. Changed the locks that day so I couldn't continue to stay at her house and installed a watch-dog - a sister whom I had never met but gave me the distinct feeling she had 'been around'.

    There is a lot more to this that I will make known when a conclusion is reached - but suffice to say that there has been some very dodgy and outright dishonest goings on - and one from a legal representative at Bethel. Interestingly, the various doctors, counsellors and the office of Adult Guardian have not been at all surprised - quite the opposite - when they know who the religious group is that they are dealing with.

  • designs

    Roski- these specials teams of Brothers assigned to gain control of peoples estates is very troubling. I've seen it here in the US.

  • Roski

    designs - I feel that there definitely is a process that they ( the elders) have been told to follow.

    As soon as the elder/s with the PoA realised I wasn't going to play ball I received a copy of yet another PoA from a brother in Bethal who definitely did not do the revocation in the presence of my mother (both her and my names were misspelled) and yet signed that he did (and signed off as a JP). At this point I do not know who has the PoA. Either they are very confident of their procedure or very stupid in the way they go about this - I suspect the former and that this has been done before - successfully.

  • designs

    Roski- good luck on going after them and, as a suggestion, get a large circulated newspaper to run a story on this. This has been very successful in some cases of Financial fraud amongst Witnesses here in the US.

  • Heaven

    I logged on to this site after many month of inactivity to cruise the threads. Alas, the story remains the same only the names of the victims have changed.

    Robdar... have been wondering how you've been doing. Have missed your posts. Hope everything is well with you.

    Your statement above is so true. This and the fact that their material is the same old crap year in and year out too. Same formula, same message.

  • LV101

    Robdar --- sounds like w/tower has quite a reputation for stealing (nothing new) --- glad you are on top of this and wish we were all there to support you.

    funny thing -- when i relocated one of my parents to another city, an elder had been coming around pruning trees (parent never a witness). i contacted this idiot to get a quote while the property was vacant and he was definitely shocked someone else was in the equasion taking over the property & would not be dealing w/elderly parent. knowing how crooked many of the witnesses were, i let him know i was quite aware of what evil, conniving, non god-fearing people the JW's and their masters were and they were the last people on the face of the earth anyone trusts. i told him to stay off the property or he'd need legal help. they're the worse employees (housework, gardening, etc.) i've ever hired in my life, and i've heard this from many witnesses when i was in.


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