I'm starting to develop a real hatred toward this religion

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  • man in black
    man in black

    This past week I flew out of town to attend a seminar for work, then afterwards I drove 150 miles extra to go and visit my Dad.

    Two years ago my Mom died, and the lack of concern/caring from the so-called "friends" from two different states was a major reason why I walked away from the jw religion.

    Anyway, my Dad is depressed and his local hall has him doing more FS, and attending the meetings,,, OK so that could be a good thing for him.

    But I noticed that service and meeting attendance is the ONLY thing that they are pushing on him. Nobody seems to check up on him, he just jumped at the chance to go out to eat with me.

    And the negativity !!! OMG !!! Obama ? well he is going to usher in the tribulation because of his actions. The economy ?? why bother saving any money because it will be worthless soon anyway. "Did you see prince Charles and his wife get attacked in their car last week ? Well THAT is an indicator of the coming tribulation and this uncaring attitude will no doubt come over into this country soon .

    Every single subject was slanted toward the negative, with the "new order" being the total solution.

    He is 71, lives three states away, and is selling everything that belongs to my Mom and him, his answer "I don't need this stuff anymore, besides the tribulation will be here soon anyway". After several hours I started to try changing the subject, but he was not interested in any positive news.

    He has no desire to come up and visit the family, and his future plans are very abstract, " I'm going to sell the house, but I have no idea where I will be going, hopefully the end will be here by then".

    I mentioned to him before I left that I would come back down with my grown sons and stain the outside, and paint the inside of his house to make it look better, and hopefully make him feel more involved with the house and family.

    His answer to me ,,, "well no thanks, the friends will help me out doing this job". That comment really bothered me.

    Friends I felt like asking him, where were these "friends" when Mom was sick and in the hospital / nursing home for over a year ? Where were they when she died ? How many of these friends are actually helping you mentally and physically today ? I realize that I have to respect his decisions, and path, but the past record of the jw friends actually helping in real life instead of just encouraging him to go out in service really really got me upset.

    When I got back to the airport, I saw two witnesses doing street work,, I felt like going up to them and point blank ask questions about the new generation, and how long do you plan on talking about this new order,, another 100 years. Boy was I frosted !

    But I thought this problem of mine is no business of theirs.

    I have read many comments on this site regarding ex-jw's having to deal with older parent / relatives who are still active members, thank you very much for your stories,,,,, they really make me see how mind-numbing this religion can be.

    But now that I have to actually deal with it firsthand, it is really a frustrating thing !

  • I<3MYGod

    Very sad indeed, and I can see that that will be my not too far off future. :(

    I am now an unbeliever as are my sisters, so my parents are stuck with us...hahaha. It's not funny really, but then I do get a kick out of it as well. I am proud of the fact that I grew up and got a brain of my own and I can now think for myself.

    And everything with jay dubs is "undeserved kindness" - we don't deserve it, but our heavenly Father gives it to us, and for that we have to give up our lives and happiness for the sake of "it".

    It's all brain washing. Why better yourself? - The end is coming.

    Why pay off your debt? - The end is coming.

    Why strive for any happiness in this life? - The end is coming.

  • miseryloveselders

    Sorry you have to deal with that. I completely understand where you're coming from on the negativity aspect. My dad is 72 I beieve? I can never remember his birthday since we don't celebrate them. Every time I call him or go to see him, its all negativity, all the time. "Did you see the bombing in Iran?" "Did you see they're repealing Dont Ask Dont Tell?" "Did you see the unemployment rate?" "Misery I tell you the end has got to be close. It has to be." Even when he's trying to talk positive, it comes off negative. "The world is getting their reward, one day we'll get our reward, and it will be forever!"

    One of the last times we talked, I replied, "Its taking kind of long isn't it?" He looked at me and smiled and nodded his head, "It seems that way, but I just think about what we'll gain in the new system. Remember Simeon? When he saw the Messiah, he then could die in peace. He didn't see or understand the fulfillment of it all, but he was at peace. Thats how I feel. If I don't make it before the end of this system, then I'll die in peace."

    I know where you're coming from. This religion is something else, it does a number on people.

  • 3Mozzies

    That's so very sad 'man in black' I feel for you.

    This cult takes peoples lives and turns it into hours/meeting attendance/donation$, just a robot with a number, no love, no dignity. What a waste of human life.

    I hate TW$ with a passion!!!!


  • ziddina

    My sympathies, Man in Black...

  • ThomasCovenant

    Only just starting?

  • OnTheWayOut

    I hear ya.

    Every single subject was slanted toward the negative, with the "new order" being the total solution.

    My wife's best friend lives in the tropics. Her father is busy and doesn't watch much television, but the only television available where he lives is satellite. He turns on CNN news while doing things in the home or getting his tie on for the meetings and recruiting and cries "Oh the tribulation is coming, the end is near" at virtually any news story.

  • zarco

    Sorry MNB - The Witnesses are not very good at doing things that really matter. The only elderly ones that really get enough care are the older "heavy" at Bethel. I am sorry about your dad not getting anything close to what he has has likely given over his life.

    We rarely talk with Witnesses any more, but we did run into an old friend recently and the talk was all about how the economy is about to fail and how it is not time to waste trying to earn money or running a business. I feel that the next generation (over-lapping of course) is going to be even poorer than the current generation. They seem to be surpassing 1975 mode.

    Best, zarco

  • flipper

    MAN in BLACK- I definitely relate to your experience in your thread. My 85 yr.old dad is a long time elder ( since 1953 ) and he very often will pipe up if we are talking about world events - " You know the end is near ! " I told him about my son and me exploring Bigfoot out west and getting footprint pictures - his first comment ? " Well son, when strange things are discovered like Bigfoot, you know that Armageddon must be getting close !! " I'm like - , then I tell him it's just a scientific discovery.

    But you are right , many witnesses, especially the older ones will jump at ANY opportunity to validate the lies they are being told by the WT society. And I really feel for them because think about it- if they've wasted their whole lives depending on these false promises from the WT society- what else do they really have once they are in their 70's or 80's ? They have been told for years that they will NEVER DIE ! Can you imagine the HUGE dissappointment these people will feel when they DO die ?

    I share your anger Man in Black towards the leaders of this Jehovah's Witness cult for duping and using it's members. Just remember, your dad is older , he is mind controlled by them - so try to have some patience with him. HE thinks- it's all he's got left for hope. You know he's wrong, I know he's wrong, but HE doesn't know he's wrong. What I try to do with my dad & mom is just show authentic human kindness and I stay off JW topics if at all possible. I think my mom underneath it all really has doubts as she is 83 yrs.old , but feels too old to let go . Possibly your dad might feel the same way, I don't know. Just show him love like you already do and he will see that YOU will be with him and stand by him in the end. Don't let the JW bastards grind ya down buddy. Hang in there

  • Listener

    You sound like a very caring person but frustrated and annoyed. You don't say why your dad is selling everything off. You appreciate that your dad is grieving. It is very difficult for him and it takes a while for him to come to terms with his new life.

    The important thing is that you are there for him, don't worry about what anyone else is doing. It will dawn on him like a bright light one day that he can rely on you and you are there to offer the support he needs so keep it up.

    I agree that the JWs don't do what is really the most important things, they aren't really taught to see them as a priority. I'm pretty sure that the men see their duties elsewhere and they take up much of their time. It's not in their hearts or their minds.

    You're dad is elderly so it makes it easier just to accept the way it is, if he was 30 years younger it would be more tempting to argue with him (and possibly justified) just let him go on in his ways and try to give him good advice in a gentle way when he needs it.

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