I'm starting to develop a real hatred toward this religion

by man in black 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • Lozhasleft

    Lovely to hear how much you care for your dad.

    Loz x

  • Roski

    Sounds exactly like my mother - except the elders are around often as they are in the process of getting her house.

    They took her to visit an old sister in an aged care facility this week - so guess it is obvious where she is going after the house is a done deal.

    Funny thing is - she went along with them rather than trust me as they told her I was just after her property and I should really be DA'd - therefore bad association. She has dementia so may never know how she has been ripped off.

  • sabastious
    Thats how I feel. If I don't make it before the end of this system, then I'll die in peace.

    Sounds appealing, actually.


  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    It is sad. So many have stopped trying as far as career, their own health, family not-in - all in waiting for this promised reward.

    The rest have this fear instilled of everything and anything - since its all controlled by Satan.

  • LV101

    i can't even read this anymore --- how elders are getting (GETTING????? wtf?????) someone's mother's house and she has dementia --- so HELP ME GAWD i hate this sick cult! and they think scientology is scary! i can't believe that God doesn't punish this publishing co.

    this country's freedom of religion has turned into a nightmare w/companies around like the watchtower.


  • Hopscotch

    man in black - that is so sad about your dad. It stories like yours that really show up just how evil this jw cult is - the way they steal a persons life, hopes, dreams and ambitions. And all for what - basically $$$$.

    Roski - Is there something you can do to stop this happening with your mothers house? If she has dementia can you quickly get a letter from her doctor and then contact someone about it. Over here in Australia we have the office of the Adult Guardian who will take care of an elderly persons affairs if it looks like they are being ripped off such as your mother is. Again another example of the evilness of the jws -they have stolen her life now they are stealing her house

    All the best to you both


  • WTWizard

    True, Osama Obama is doing all he can to ruin this country. True, Osama Obama (along with his buddies in the Fed) will do all they can to render the dollar worthless.

    However, this will no more bring on Armageddon than did the early Catholic church with the First Dark Ages (which was far worse--you could get burgled in a double wall castle, and you expected to get robbed on the highway). And, if my history memory is accurate, there was a big tulip market crash where people lost lots of money. And, if the dollar becomes worthless, your silver and gold will hold onto its value (meaning gold and silver is a better protection for your wealth). Foreign currencies (other than the Euro, which is having its own trouble) will also do better if the dollar crashes.

    And, if you think the world is a mess now, it was much worse during the First Dark Ages. People were owned as property. The Plague killed 3/4 of the population. Science was held to what the Church told us was the "truth", whether or not it made sense. Anyone making statements contrary to the Church, no matter what proof came with it, was burned at the stake. Wars were happening all the time, and more people were killed in wars per million alive back then than now. You had plenty of natural disasters--just not reported worldwide. And, did the end come then?

    As for the Second Dark Ages, either the Washtowel Slaveholdery itself or Sharia Law will be responsible for it. I don't think there is anything to gain if the Washtowel Slaveholdery itself is responsible if you stay a witless, and all Christians are going to be in for it if Sharia law becomes worldwide. In which case, the Jehovah's Witless religion will provide absolutely no refuge. Perhaps, refuse.

  • DagothUr

    DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO SELL THE HOUSE. I don't know much about the American laws, but in Romania after a person dies his\her surviving partner (husband or wife) inherits 25% of the immobile property (house, courtyard, land, etc.) if the property belong EXCLUSIVELY to the deceased partner before the marriage and if the marriage was longer than 5 years. If the property was aquired later, by both partners, the survivor inherits 50%. In both cases, the remaining percentage is divided between the offspring of the couple. If the deceased had children outside that marriage, those will have an equal share from his percentage with the legitimate children.

    If that is the case in the American law too, then it means all the offspring of your parents already have a share of the inheritance from your deceased mother. By law, it's theirs starting from the date of your mother's death. Your father is not the only owner of the family estates.

    You father may have been "persuaded" to sell everything and give it to the Watchtower Society. Do not allow him to become a burden for your family and for himself. Keep the family property intact.

  • Heaven

    Friends I felt like asking him, where were these "friends" when Mom was sick and in the hospital / nursing home for over a year ? Where were they when she died ? How many of these friends are actually helping you mentally and physically today ? I realize that I have to respect his decisions, and path, but the past record of the jw friends actually helping in real life instead of just encouraging him to go out in service really really got me upset.

    man in black... this is so hard for us to deal with and I'm sorry you're having to go through it. I can relate as this is exactly the same stuff that went on with my parents. When my Mom was chronically ill, they just hounded my Dad to keep pio-sneering. They didn't help him out at all -- they just made him feel bad. My Dad is a little further along than yours now... he's experiencing cognitive impairment and the new system is no where in sight... and it ain't comin'. He beats himself up mentally and emotionally because he can no longer perform the duties required of the Watchtower. My Dad isn't dealing with anything anymore. He seems to be slowly giving up on life.

    So much for all they bought into. I told my Dad not long ago... "The Watchtower does nothing to prepare people for this stage of their life."

    He's not accepting that he needs to move into a place where he can be looked after. He doesn't live close by either.

    If anyone knows how you convince an aging JW to move into Assisted Living I'd be very much interested in how you managed to do it.

  • Eiben Scrood
    Eiben Scrood

    I can relate. I was on my way to exiting when my aged parents got sick and died within 6 months of each other. I admittedly could have held my tongue more but it was hard to not talk to them (especially my dad) about the things I was feeling. He finally told me he couldn't take hearing anymore. Poor man. He invested his whole life into this and I think he realized deep down that something was very wrong. The changes in teachings in the mid-nineties really bothered him. He was a deep thinking person who wouldn't just swallow the Kool-Aid without thinking things through first.

    It's a tough situation. But, you're doing the right thing by being there for him and letting him have his fantasies without trying to tear down his worldview too much.

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