March kool-aid edition available ...

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  • wannabefree

    This is another one of those magazines that is so full of it! I guess the Jaracz influence is still alive and well.

    Article starting on page 17 "You Have Cause for Rejoicing" ... with "God's Organization - A Worthy Topic for Study"

  • sd-7

    Hilarious. I never even thought about it. Of COURSE they wrote it just for you--the circuit overseer told them exactly what was going on in your life! Then it's a little of the mystical manipulation, where they can apparently read your mind, right? That's great. The more I listen, the more insightful observations about it all I learn about.


  • sd-7
    "God's Organization - A Worthy Topic for Study"

    So now they're studying about an organization and not about God? Oh, right--the more you learn about 'his organization', the closer you get to him. What was I thinking?

  • wannabefree

    Here is your picture unshackled

  • cantleave

    Love the annotations wannabe.

  • Soldier77

    Wow! I shouldn't be surprised, but still, WOW! What blashphemy on their part! CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL


  • sd-7

    Interesting. Must be some JWs watching Ultimate Fighting! And just because a guy has a car that looks like it was in the original Miami Vice and slings his jacket over his shoulder, he's materialistic? And maybe that person with the money just cashed his paycheck and was counting it to make sure he'd gotten the right amount.

    And there's the thing...who is that, Darth Sidious in the background?? I guess that means the Society has the role of Chancellor Palpatine, then...


  • unshackled

    Thanks for posting the pic wannabe....I see what I did wrong. Used a shortened URL and not the actual.

  • Hairyhegoat

    This latest comment is a new one on me! are they trying to boost there charity status with this . Gods people appreciate that the preaching work of the good news is not only a public serviceto those here it but also an act of worship to god.

    What a load of goat shit !! the borg are trying to say and build up the door bashing work as a public service when we nobody wants them to call anyway in the UK. This is pure bull and they do nothing for the public service ever... Bring them down now.

    Merry Xmas from


  • sabastious
    In view of what some might consider a delay

    No no you got it all wrong. I don't think it is delayed... I think you lied to us and the whole thing is a scam.... DUH!


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