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  • Leolaia
    In view of what some might consider a delay, a Christian could lose his sense of urgency and instead give priority to a comfortable lifestyle. Could you see that happening to you? If we followed this line of reasoning, we would be deceiving ourselves. We could ask ourselves, ‘Should it surprise me that this wicked system of things has lasted longer than I expected?' Why the repeated warnings? Such reminders are needed when as a result of waiting over what seems to be an extended period, people are at risk of losing their sense of urgency.

    Oh jeez. They've been keeping up that "sense of urgency" for a century or more. They don't get it that one cannot be urgent forever without fatigue setting in.

    What did Jesus say? He said he would be coming like a thief in the night. That means that it would come at a wholly unexpected time. When you are confortably at home, do you stay up all hours and sit constantly with a bat in hand waiting for that moment when a prospective thief will do some B&E? Is that how you are in your house every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year? No? The point is to be ready in case it ever happens, as there would be no time to prepare. The parable of the virgins has the same idea. They waited and waited for the bridegroom until they got tired and eventually fell asleep. ALL OF THEM, the wise AND the foolish virgins. Jesus recognized that you can't stay awake forever, it's impossible. Rest is a human need. So it wasn't foolish for them to fall asleep. Rather it was the lack of preparedness that made the five foolish virgins foolish. They had to leave in order to get their oil. The wise virgins waited until they fell asleep; they did not force themselves to stay awake and be sleepy when the bridegroom arrived. Rather they got the rest they needed but were ready to get up and get to work to greet the bridegroom when the time came.

    A perpetual state of urgency can only make one tired. Do you GET IT, Watchtower?

  • Botzwana

    Thank you to you all! I laugh OUT LOUD at you guy's comments. So much so that my wife comes running in to see what is so funny. The jacket slinger! That is definitely a new phrase! HAHA. I LOVE coming to these boards! Please keep it up!

  • wannabefree
    A perpetual state of urgency can only make one tired. Do you GET IT, Watchtower?

    Sprints are supposed to be short races, the "Organization" has been insisting the sheep sprint now for 140 years! And it's the sheep's fault for getting tired!

  • I<3MYGod

    They just need a redbull - then they will be able to sprint again.

    It sickens me...Why haven't more opened their eyes to see what this "truth" is all about?

  • Leolaia

    Oh yes, it was Charles Sinutko who said that the prospect of 1975 was to give us runners that little burst of speed needed to make it across the finish line. Well that was in 1968.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    That is Nathan H Knorr is it not, standing by his flash car? Maybe that is his heavenly reward.

  • I<3MYGod

    I will now be doubly sure to sling my jacket when in the presence of jay dubs.

  • unshackled

    More fear-mongering with murder numbers…

    Pg.25…paragraph 5:
    "He (Satan) plants murderous attitudes in the hearts and minds of people. For example, 1 out of every 142 children born in the United States will become a murder victim. With senseless violence so prevalent, do you think that Jehovah will take less notice today than he did in Noah’s day?Will he fail to act?"

    But where did they get those numbers from? More intellectual dishonesty at play here.

    Here are the US populations and the number of murders for the past 3 years:
    2007 - 301,621,157 pop. / 16,929 murders / Ratio: 1 murder for every 17,816 people
    2008 - 304,374,846 pop. / 16,442 murders / Ratio: 1:18,512
    2009 - 307,006,550 pop. / 15,241 murders / Ratio: 1:20,143

    Murder rate has gone down in each of the past 3 years. And it has been on steady decrease since 1980…

    1980 - 225,349,264 pop. / 23,040 murders / Ratio: 1:9,780

    So things are getting worse are they? Nope…they are getting BETTER.

    But here's where they were dishonest. 1 in 142 babies born will be murdered? That's a lie because they are comparing the number of births to the number of murders. Which is falsifying the info because it doesn't include the entire population.

    What's worse….their numbers don't even check out at that. Using 2007's birth numbers at 4.3 million….and the 16,929 murders….that is a ratio of 1 murder for every 265 babies born.

    Again, not sure where they pulled their numbers because they never say. (My numbers were gathered from the FBI: Uniform Crime Reports) But it is clearly intentionally misconstrued number crunching and completely inaccurate even at that. Same with their earthquakes on the increase BS.

  • wannabefree
    But where did they get those numbers from?

    It looks like it is from American Homicide by Randolph Roth

    from 1965 to 1992, the homicide rate for the U.S. was 9 per 100,000 people. The first-world democracy with the next highest rate is Canada, with only a quarter of the homicides per capita as the United States. Australia ranks third, with only a fifth of the U.S. number. If the murder rate in the United States continues, 1 out of every 142 children born today will be murdered. Even if the lower rate of 6 per 100,000 that the United States experienced during the 1990’s continues, nearly 1 out of every 200 newborns will eventually be murdered.

  • yourmomma

    that article about how great the organization is seems to be a new level of creature worship. even having a little boy dress up as Russel. its clear from reading that issue, there are alot of people doubting, and alot of people slowing down and putting making a living ahead of "theocrapic activities". also they are not doing family worship. in addition, it seems like the governing body are moving one step closer to exaulting themselves, that article referring to themselves as the "jeramiah class" seemed to be a new level of self promotion. the grip is tightning.

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