Open relationships, polyamory and swinging

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    Yeah Doc, it's getting quite normal for women, even those primarily attracted to men, to have an interest in playing with other women. At least from what I've seen. I think when it comes to sexuality women are just more comfortable expressing it in a more fluid manner. There isn't necessarily a big increase in sexual attraction for them, but the social taboo is not really as there anymore, freeing them to explore as they will.

    I think you would find more men who are bi-curious if the social taboo wasn't so powerful as a deterent. It's not really welcome in the general swinger community from what I've seen, although I have occasionaly run across men like that online. It's a bit of a double standard but cultural norms being what they are, to be expected.

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    I swing, but sadly I swing ALONE.

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    wha happened?

    what is the singular form of swing?

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