With the latest Australian Special Talk, we now have a complete picture of the Organizational Plan

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  • leavingwt
    Again, I'd like to emphasize that I didn't say it would be a DF'ing offense, but merely seen as the person DA'ing themselves, much like if a JW accepted a blood transfusion, they would be DA'ing themselves and henceforth shunned.

    In the above scenario, with blood, there is an announcement and there is a reinstatement process.

    Official, MANDATORY, institutionalized shunning BEGINS with an announcement. Moreover, there is accompanying PAPERWORK on file for this person. If the person travels to a new area, the local elders can contact Brooklyn for the paperwork.

  • Quirky1

    You tell'em Billy..

  • thetrueone

    Being that this organization's financial structuring revolves around the donation purchasing of its published literature it

    really isn't too surprising why they would put such a demanding push to get people pedaling their goods.

    This is a ( religious ) publishing house. It has pretty much been that way from day one and thats why most of the

    professed doctrines have been created with this endeavor in mind. Anyone not going out in service is not preaching the gospel

    or in WTS ideology, not willing to promote the Watchtower kingdom and all of its rightly given power and control.

  • ziddina

    What Finally Free said...

    "Their treatment of members drove a lot of people into leaving. They'll never learn; the more they tighten the fist the more people they'll squeeze out entirely. ... It's tough on the people, but in the long run it may be a good thing. ..."

    In the long run, the Gov.Bod's paranoid, controlling behavior will LIBERATE a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses from the (B)organization...

    And something that Wing Commander said,

    "The Governing Body is a master of having their cake, and eating it too!!! Just like with a Witness who would accept a blood transfusion to save their life, any member who doesn't go out in field service will be disassociating themselves, and how do JW's treat the disaccoiated? Why, just as if they were Disfellowshipped, shunned by their family!!!! ..."

    Really rang a bell...

    This is how the Gov.Bod ramped up the hysteria before 1975 - they never SAID it was coming, merely IMPLIED it - in practically everything they said, especially at assemblies...

    The Gov.Bod are MASTERS of manipulation by insinuation... By implication...

    This "party line" isn't new, but it is another indication that they're not softening their stance on the demands upon the average Witness... Which will, hopefully, drive more people out...


    (And how in the heck did the word "Witnesses" in my post, get linked????)

  • SirNose586

    I'm not sure that this new announcement signals some campaign to force the faders into coming back by threat of auto-DA/DF. Field service has always been mandatory, but in my experience it was always tacitly understood to be that way. If inactivity is now punishable by auto-DA, as is speculated, that would require a lot of lead-chasing and work from the elders. Therefore if his statement really foreshadows a massive round-up campaign, I would expect to see a flurry of visits from elders and COs to all the inactives. Without that proof, it's just a whip-cracking statement.

    Maybe they'll work up the nerve to try and get me to come back, lol...

  • straightshooter

    My wife was told at the last meeting that if one wants to receive a km or study wt, they will only receive them at the field service meeting on Saturday. Definitely trying to bribe ones to go out in Saturday field service. But she still received one, because she had to explain to the elder that she works on Saturday and can't meet with the field service group.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The reality is that when an abuser sees he is losing control over his victims he never thinks, "Maybe I am being too hard on them." He thinks he needs to whip them into shape; take a harder stance, and bully them some more.

    As more JWs are fading or just walking away, including elders which has to have a huge impact on a cong) the GB sees they are losing control. And just like any abuser they will tighten their fist and wave it in everybody's face.

    Yea they will lose many but there are many that will cower and do what they are told wether they like it or not, and believe it is all for their own good and proof of how well cared for they are by the GB.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    My two cents.....

    I wish that the GB would press down ever harder and harder.

    Let them take away TV, the internet, radio, or make people send all there money to their "bank" or

    make it mandatory to go out in field service to be a JW.

    Oh yes please lurkers tell them to opress the sheep even more.

  • cattails
    Now why would the WTS publish 2 pages of information in their brand new elders book that reinforces the standing procedure (page 50, paragraph 12) that states an inactive person should be assigned to a service group (change in terminology from book study group) only to scrap it before many elders have even seen the book or been through the KM school? It just doesn't make sense.

    DoubtingBro, I heard it with my own ears, this new CO named Scott Henry said it plainly that if a person is inactive despite attempts by the BoE to reactivate him/her, then that person's name is deleted from the list of publishers in the Service Group. Plain as could be.
    This has already been put into practice after this CO's visit in this circuit in New England where I'm at now. Quite a few names have disappeared from the list posted on the information board.
    This list will now serve as a reference for JWs not only of who is an "active publisher" but also of who is "good association" and who isn't.
  • leavingwt

    To no longer be an "active publisher" is completely different than being DF'd or DA'd.

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