return visit with my jw barber today

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  • JunkYardDog

    a few months ago I went to the barber for a hair cut, the lady that always cuts my hair was sick. So one of the other guys cuts my hair. As I sit down i see wt books on the counter. So I ask if this 65 year old guy was HE a jw? He says yes. NOW KEEP IN MIND I ASKED FOR A TRIM , WELL I asked him all kinds of questions, and gave him a wts history lesson . this guy was getting pissed and said HE DIDN'T WANT TO TALK RELIGION. BUT I kept it up while he's clipping away. you name the false wt topic I most likey told it to this guy. this guy was a DUNCE he knew nothing about the wts and became a jw about 15 years ago. BY THE WAY I WALKED OUT WITH A CREW CUT / NOT THE TRIM I ASKED FOR. after the hair cut the barber agreed it look up some of the stuff I told him. So I listed on his reciept books web sites ' freeminds, jw facts, ray franz etc. So I shopping at the same mall today and went in the barber shop to make a RV ON MY STUDENT. when he saw me his face DROPPED LIKE HIS MOTHER JUST DIED. So I asked him very polite if he looked up any of the stuff on Shauns research, freeminds, jwfacts etc. he say yes. but that anyone can say what ever they want it don't make it true !! I agreed , it don't make it true , But most everything on those sites is on the WTS CD. DO YOU HAVE THE WTS CD? he answered yes. and pulled out some kind of IPOD and said he had the wt cd on it. I told him those sites I gave you LIST WT PAGES AND DATES TO LOOK UP IF WHAT THEY ARE SAYING IS TRUE/FACT... did you test these things? He started looking at the floor and turned white. His come back was that he doesn't get into what other people BELIEVE OR THEIR RELIGIONS, AND I SHOULD RESPECT THAT HE'S A JW. I said fine but do you go into feild service? He said yes. I told him is not the main reason that jw's go out in FS is to get people to quit their present religion and join the wts? he had no answer but I pressed the issue and he got my point. I could tell I was making him very uncomfortable. and told him to reread those sites and others , testing everything on those sites RIGHT ON HIS OWN IPOD WTS CD. I could see I clearly shaken this guy and never raised my voice once.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    So you made a 65yo JW uncomfortable & shaken while at his place of employment? What do you want a pat on the back?

    Think About It

  • Honesty

    JW's need to be uncomfortable and shaken.

    It may wake them up.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    i love it! they have no problem invading others so go for it!

  • sherah

    That 'harmless' 65YO had his WT books on display for either show how 'spiritual' he is or as an opening to witness to every client that sits in his chair. JYD skillfully turned the tables on him.

    a few months ago I went to the barber for a hair cut, the lady that always cuts my hair was sick. So one of the other guys cuts my hair.
    As I sit down i see wt books on the counter.

    The JW Barber is setting people up for a WBT$ Conversation..


    Doesn`t like it,when things don`t go his way..

    He got what he Deserved..

    kicked in nuts............................. ...OUTLAW

  • out4good3

    15 years a JW and he gets blown out of the water. The unintended consequences of leaving those magazines out and around looking to start up a conversation.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    The book was there to OPEN the door to Preach.

    And the look he gave you when you pulled a RV. LOL

    Now he knows why every householder gives you that look when you do come back even when you say...........

    "I'm really not interested.. but thank you bye"

    Knock Knock ( 2 days later)...... Your Kidding they came back!!!

    Thank you for the experience.

  • mrsjones5

    I think you did good and you weren't rude about it.

    Good job

  • JunkYardDog

    Think about it; you think I need a pat on the back from you? ha hahahaha NOT . Tell me what I did wrong? Talking to a Jw about the wts false teachings? stopping in for a return visit with the guy? Being POLITE WITH THIS JW? planting seeds? showing I cared about his chtristian faith following dishonest persons from brooklyn? It was clear he looked up some of the stuff I gave him. Is it my fault he went into jw zombie mode? and lied some more for the WTS? I had the nerve to talk religion with this guy and question him about the TRUTH. THIS GUY HAD WTS BOOKS AND MAGS ALL OVER HIS COUNTER You think he was counting time with other people getting hair cuts? maybe preaching to this clients and offering a mag after the hair cut? etc. etc. etc. Is it my fault I knew more about the wts than he did? Is it my fault this jw was turning colors because I asked him a few dozen POLITE questions about the wt? No the answer is that he didn't know the answers for what he preaches. and I just brought out FACTS. Do you have a problem with that ? So now THINK ABOUT IT . TELL ME WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS WITH ME TALKING POLITELY TO JW'S ABOUT THE WT THAT YOU HAVE? JYD

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