GB Member Barr dies

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  • Violia


    I think your question deserves more response than you will get in this thread. Why not start a thread and ask this question. I understand how you feel as I have asked that question many times. Seems like some weird standards to me. I understand that good persons can make serious mistakes and repent. I believe that. Maybe others will respond and weigh in on this.

  • Joliette

    I was expecting for this to happen ANYDAY. For freakin sakes the man was 97.( I told my parents that there was still a GB member who is 97 who was born in 1913 named Jack Barr, they didnt even know his name, thats how much the dubs keep their members in the dark) I was chatting with a friend on Facebook that served at Bethel, and I hear that he was a really nice guy. I guess Jah 'forgot' about him. He had all the other GB members up in heaven greeted him on his 'big heavenly debut.' For some reason I can hear Freddie saying: Welcome, Jack. Time to get babylon the great and those pesky internet apostates! Aka e-postates.

    Seriously, I know the GB is really worried about how this is going to make things look. The world should have ended with the generation of 1914, and Barr was born in 1913 so this looks really bad. So the oldest GB member was born in 1934? (Guy Pierce). So who's officially been on the GB the longest now? Gerrit Losch, right?

  • stapler99

    1914 is a year they can't get away from. On the other hand, 1935 seems to be completely out the window now.

    The idea that many have of an elderly, anointed remnant is at risk.

    I don't believe there will be a tightening up. In fact they may now be moribund, with no strong leadership or sense of direction.

  • Joliette

    RIP? Governing Body 1.0

    ...should I actually say Rest in peace?? When they enforced policies that hurt people, tear apart families, enables child molestors, etc.

    'The mantle' is handed to Governing Body 2.0

    Will there be a Governing Body 2.1? Stay tuned!

    By 2100 the overlapping generation will be overlaped with the previous overlapping generation of 1914.

    And the governing body members from 2.0 grandsons will be on governing body 2.1!

  • jwfacts

    At the 2010 annual meeting Barr presented the new understanding of the overlapping generation, an apt choice to deliver this talk, being the last of the Governing Body born before 1914 ... and just in time too.

    Barr was promoted in 1977, so is the last to have been involved in the R Franz debacle during the 1980's.

  • factfinder

    That is sad Brother Barr died. He did come across as kindly and I liked his voice on the first JW- Organization video. Well, now it's all the hardliners who will probably pick other hardliners to join them on the gb. Yes, things will become stricter for witnesses from now on.

  • factfinder

    And GB members will continue to be younger and soon I will be older than them!

  • Joliette

    I think they'll probably be an appointed governing body member who will be born after That will mean theres govening body members who will be as old as my parents!

  • Heaven

    So what is faithful?

    Well, if you believe in the Bible, sounds like you can be a right a-hole but if you love God with all your heart and accept Jesus as your saviour, then you're faithful. Does that give you a 'get outta jail free' card?

    As opposed to these people, who are faith-less (because they've never heard of God or Christ):

    Remote Amazon tribe discovered in 2008.

    Remote Amazon Tribe


    these people, who have decided monotheism isn't for them:

    Wiccan Coven

  • designs

    2010 has been quite a year for the Governing Body.

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