Please post all the little things that make no sense about the JWs

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  • nugget

    If door to door work is really the best way to get the message across why are so many witnesses so bad at it.

    why is the society still using supposedly 1st century techniques when there are so many better ways to accomplish this. If it is so important to find people why do they never go where the people are e.g. facebook and the internet?

    what is the real purpose of Field Service? If it is not to find people then it is a tool of control.

  • wheelwithinwheel

    Sorry OZ posted on your other thread...instead of here

    sports / teams - a no-no for JW children

    sinful competition as they say- or the team spirit that they really fear

    contradiction - JW dads spend hours watching competitive sports on TV - most will attend events - they all have their favourite team - our D.O used to make unabashed allusion to his favourite in Ass talks.......but the WT forbids kids participation

    I would point out the real reason is evidently not the competition that the WT wants to avoid. If so it would be deemed a sin to be a spectator or to root for a particular team. What they really want to avoid is a JW kid becoming tight with worldlies (and discovering great friendships outside of the cult)

  • Juli

    Young people deplore hypocracy and injustice. The Watchtower says they are not inspired or perfect, yet you must believe and act perfectly upon everything they say and write, even if they change their minds and go in the opposite direction.

    I think the whole pagan/not pagan concept is a great one, especially since they wrote the article not long ago about a pinata having pagan roots but being okay in today's world because the pagan roots have been lost. But you can't use that understanding for birthdays, Christmas, trick or treating, or anything else that might lead to an outbreak of fun. These things should be conscience matters but the "infallible" Watchtower know better.

  • wheelwithinwheel

    Does it make sense to report and be judged by the time you talk about God?

    Shouldn't the kind of person you are be more important?

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I'd like to call it "things I don't enjoy", because you know that nothing is 100% to one's liking anywhere:

    • Service time reporting - Forces so many to lie in order to keep up appearances.
    • Allowing minors to get baptized - Can't drive? Can't consume alcohol? Can't get married, all due to age and level of maturity? Then, can't make such an important decision as serving God for the rest of your life. I cringe inside and the displeasure shows in my face whenever I hear/see these youngsters getting baptized at the assemblies. Just kills me because you know 95% of them all will be disfellowshipped.
    • COs/DOs not working secularly at all; I'd love to see them work at least 15-to-20 hrs weekly somewhere so that they put their $$$ where their mouth are in terms of dealing with this non-believing world, plus, of course, to have them cover some of their own expenses. As time goes on and things get tighter, I'm sure the Org will have to take away some of their many perks and this may force some to reconsider working a bit. This has been a huge pet peeve of mine for a long, long time!



  • OnTheWayOut

    No birthday celebrations because of the beheadings in the Bible that just happened at birthday celebrations- what if such things happened at a wedding or at the regular day of worship at the Kingdom Hall?

  • Little Imp
    Little Imp

    Some good points here, I particularly like Doubtfully Yours' list

  • Ding

    The Memorial.

    Jesus never said that 99.9% of the sheep should sit at a meeting passing around bread and wine that no one would consume.

  • ProdigalSon

    Jehovah Gives Light to His Spirit-Directed People

    -Sodom and Gomorrah flip-flops....hysterical!

    Tons more of this kind of stuff here....

  • WTWizard

    What about stumbling others? How many things are banned "because you wouldn't want others to think it's acceptable to do it"?

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