Toilet quandries: The seat: Up/Down and Toilet paper direction

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  • startingover

    Comments on this thread bring this up, why do men insist on standing to pee in a toilet? I can see it at a bathroom at a gas station, but how about at home or someone else's home? Myself and most every one of my friends sit down to pee in those situations. Seems to be a no brainer if you have ever had to clean a toilet.

  • Gregor

    seems to me that women who fall into the terlet have bigger problems to worry about...LIKE GOING BLIND!

  • AGuest
    Myself and most every one of my friends sit down to pee in those situations.

    My understanding is that men SHOULD sit down, dear SO (peace to you!)... to avoid prostrate problems. Apparently, when he stands, he doesn't fully empty the gland, leaving residue that can lead to prostrate problems, including cancer. When he sits, however, the gland is tilted forward and so is more likely to fully empty.

    I totally understand the convenience of standing (what lady hasn't encountered a time when she wished she COULD stand and relieve herself?!), but sitting more often might be something fellas want to take into consideration.

    Just a thought...


    SA, on her own...

  • JAFO
    I've fallen into the toilet at 3am.

    Oh, for crying out loud... what do you think the light switch is for?

    I don't bitch and moan if I have to put the seat up to pee, so why should she bitch and moan if she has to put it down? And why can't she show me the same consideration she expects of me, and put the damn seat up when she's finished, so I don't pee on the seat in the dark?

  • tec

    Oh, for crying out loud... what do you think the light switch is for?

    Ever gone from complete darkness to complete light (and being half asleep as well)

    You're just as blind either way ;)


  • JAFO

    Many times.. takes me about half a second to one second to adjust.. a lot less time than it takes to walk from the switch to the toilet..

  • pseudoxristos

    Maybe women should put the seat up when they are done just to make sure men don't pee on it.


  • dmouse

    Honestly, women are so arrogant, they demand MEN put the seat down for THEM when we are finished, but won't do the same for us!

    It's really annoying when I have to lift the seat up every time I want to pee. Why can't women learn to leave it up when they're finished?

  • designs

    I go in the orchard above my house and pee in the trees Organic Man

  • Gregor

    Okay, I wasn't going to mention this but it needs to be pointed out that a lot of females sit in such a way that they dribble and soil the underside of the seat. Because the domesticated males they share facilities with always put the seat down the residue accumulates and gets pretty disgusting.

    Men should sit to pee? Ridiculous. It sounds simple but not when you have to dry off your boys after dunking them in cold water.

    Men, stand up closer, try to aim your stream on the sides of the bowl, less splash.

    Amazing cutting edge invention that is perfect for the restroom, it is called a "nightlight".

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