Toilet quandries: The seat: Up/Down and Toilet paper direction

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  • dandingus

    We always keep the lid closed when not in use so our cats don't play in the water. Problem solved!


    I don't care which way round the Watchtowers and Awakes are - as long as they balance and are within reach when I need them.

    TIP OFF THE DAY: Being of such inferior paper quality, they are better used damp!

  • tec

    I live with one husband and two sons. I've fallen into the toilet at 3am. I am just resigned now to making sure the toilet seat is down every time I go to the bathroom. I don't care about the toilet paper as long as there IS some. And I agree with Grandma Jones. Wipe up the pee on the seat and the floor, so I don't have to either sit in it or stand in it!


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Always leave both parts of the seat clean and down.

    Paper over the top.

    Don't discuss the logic of any part of this.

    Enjoy a long, happy marriage.


  • Quentin

    Our TP sits on the counter.

  • AGuest

    May you all have peace!

    I used to fall in when I was a child (when my little brother left the seat up!)... and so taught my son to put it down (or maybe his sister taught him - ). The truth of my life NOW, however, is that I love... and like... my husband way too much to take issue with such a trivial matter. He's a GREAT guy and if leaving the toilet seat up is the worst of his foilbles... then I need to get over myself, truly. I mean, he doesn't get on my case for leaving it down and him having to put it UP to use it (and I never get this "demand" when a girl moves in with a guy - I mean, it was HIS place first, right?), soooo...

    BUT... I don't see so well in the dark and so risk falling in. Since I hate a cold, wet, tush... I came up with a great remedy: the night light. My bathrooms are NEVER dark. Ever. Nor is my kitchen (after I fell over the "doggie" gate one night and almost broke my neck! Ooooh, that HURT!!).

    As for the toilet paper, coming from a time years ago (when my kids were real little) when toilet paper was somtimes purchased by the roll at the corner store ('cause I couldn't afford more than one roll at a time)... I am just glad to HAVE toilet paper and more than one roll at a time. I was actually so embarassed and traumatized once when I was between jobs and we ran out and had to use napkins so that today I must have a BUTTLOAD of it and so buy it by the barrel, almost. The big Charmin 36-roll stuff, at a minimum! I cannot run out. I can't even get low (somwhere in the background a banshee screams!).

    But how it goes on the roller? Who cares? Who has time enough TO care? I truly don't. Life is just too short... and I'm too busy livin' it!


    SA, on her own... and keepin' it light, for now...

  • Mattieu

    Seat & Lid must be down & clean. Toilet paper over the top and I fold the end of it into a arrow head, and no Im not gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) I care more about the state of the toilet than the wifey...... The ensiute is my escape form the outside world, my panic room so to speak ;-)

  • GLTirebiter

    A little act of rebellion: put down the seat and the lid!

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    After forty years or so of marching around announcing that they can do anything a man can do, I can't figure out why women still need us to operate the toilet seat for them.

    I'm with Jefft on this one. Before use... Man leaves it up Woman puts it down . Woman leaves it down man puts it up. It's not rocket science girls!

  • moshe

    Terry, I hope some good books come into the store this weekend. Your intellect needs some real food- this is bread and water for your brain.

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