has this been on the site before? about there never having claimed to be a prophet?

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  • wasblind

    LOL BroDan

    You're a mess

  • jookbeard

    some wonderful quotes there from the usual suspects well done!

    from the WTS : some opposer's have claimed that the WTS are false prophets ! Err that's because you are!!

    Leaving WT you are a star, you come into your own in threads like this, no one can touch you!

  • Listener

    About the other sheep - Jesus was referring to the Gentiles who then came into the fold and they weren't immediately identified. So the other sheep/great crowd weren't identified until later either. My question is - did the Gentiles have a different hope to that of the rest of the fold? I am asking this because the other sheep of today do.

  • leavingwt

    jookbeard: Lots of folks read these threads who do not comment. I was once one of them. I like to get the actual WT quotes out there. Allow the public to decide for themselves. Those who are happy within the WT will not leave. Those who want to leave need to be shown that they can -- and be happy!

  • wasblind

    Amen to that Leavingwt

  • t33ap80c

    It still seems fair to me that (1) Since the Society does claim to be spirit-directed, and (2) since they claim to be uninspired, and (3) since they claim to be or act as God’s only living true prophet on earth today, that therefore they do in fact claim to be God’s "spirit-directed uninspired true prophet."

    Perhaps Elder-Patrol would agree if it was expressed the following way: "The Society claims to be Jehovah’s "spirit-directed uninspired true prophet who has made mistakes."

    A point I try to make in the book is that even if Russell and Rutherford did not fit the Bible’s definition (or even their own definition) of a false prophet or a false teacher, they were still guilty of providing an awful lot of 'wrong spiritual food at the wrong time' on very important matters down till 1919.

    And according to former President Frederick Franz in is "God’s Kingdom of a Thousand Years Has Approached," that spiritual food would have disqualified them as being Jesus’ "faithful and discreet slave."

    And according to Franz, if Russell, Rutherford and their associates did not qualify as Jesus’ "slave" then, it means that the Governing Body and their associates do not qualify as Jesus’ "slave" now.

    My suggestion to Elder-Patrol is to (1) make sure that he understands the Society’s interpretation of Matthew 24:45-47 as explained by President Franz, and then (2) take a serious look at the what the Society had been providing in the way of spiritual food down till 1919. He needs to look at those teachings the way Jesus would have looked at them then rather than the way the Society looks at them now.

    If he does those things and then concludes that Jesus would have been pleased enough to give them that Matthew 24:47 appointment "over all his earthly interests" in the spring of 1919, then that’s that what he will believe.

    But as for me and many others who finally looked at what the Society had been teaching for ourselves, we have concluded the same thing that Ray Franz did after he examined that "food" in 1979…

    "It would be an insult to Christ Jesus to say that he selected the Society on the basis of what it had been teaching as of 1919."

    Don Cameron

  • Sayswho

    Just got 'Captives of a Concept' by Don Cameron...So much info...everyone (elderP) should get it and read it, I'm only on page 19 but wow...my world is continuing to be rocked and enlightened.



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