has this been on the site before? about there never having claimed to be a prophet?

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  • brotherdan
    the WT / JW position on this has been consistent since Russell.

    Wait wait wait. I don't care WHAT the WT position is as to what a prophet is. I'm concerned about what the Bible's position is on what is a true prophet!

    According to Deut 18:20-22 a prophet speaks in God's name. A false prophet speaks in Gods name (or authority) and says that something will happen and it doesn't happen. The bible says, THIS MAN SHOULD DIE!

    So there is no cherry picking here. The Bible doesn't say that if the prophecy doesn't come true and you apologize for it then you are NOT a false prophet. It does not say that if you are moral and teach OTHER things that are correct that you are not a false prophet.

    The FRUIT of a prophet is: True Prophecy. The FRUIT of a false prophet is: False Prophecy. The one that produces bad fruit, or false prophecy, is cut off and thrown into the fire. That is the result that these false prophets have waiting for them, per Jesus Christ.

  • brotherdan

    Plus, elder patrol, the article's main defense is: "What is the motive of these critics?" Wha?!?

    I believe that I am a critic of the Watchtower societies prophecies. What are my motives?

    1. To help people find Jesus Christ and the freedom that comes from him

    2. To expose those that take away from the credibility of Christ

    Those are my motives. I am not trying to lull people into a sleep like state of spiritual inactivity. I'm trying to warn them of FALSE PROPHETS. Jesus himself said to watch out for these ones.

    So this argument is NOT weak!

  • brotherdan

    What to say if someone says their pastor told them JWs are false prophets:

    ‘I’m sure you’ll agree that specific evidence should back up such a serious charge. Did your minister mention any specific examples?

    (If householder refers to some claimed “predictions” that did not come to pass, use material on page 134, and from the bottom of page 135 to the top of 137.)’

  • leavingwt

    Read the words of active JWs on this site. Then, contrast their words with what the WT actually prints.

  • leavingwt

    I highly recommend Don Cameron's book, Captives of a Concept. (For only a few bucks, you can purchase it as an instant download in PDF format. If you cannot afford it, please contact Don and he can probably work something out with you.)

    Don correctly states that WT seems to have invented (or pulled from the rears) a new type of prophet.

    What type of prophet is WT? "Evidently", they are a Spirit-Directed, Uninspired TRUE Prophet.

  • booby

    leaving - ya, thanks for that. i had actually forgotten the "ya we're prophets just not inspired" thingy. They should have said, we never claimed to be prophets with anything prophetic in nature, just liked to hear or read ourselves.

  • brotherdan

    There were their own worst enemy. If they would just say, "Yeah, we made asses out of ourselves and messed up." I would so respect that. But they have too much pride and self righteousness for that.

  • leavingwt

    The most damaging things ever printed about Watchtower and Jehovah's Witnesses were printed by Watchtower printing presses.

  • pat1060

    Even if something has been posted before there are always different thoughts and new ones just coming on.....Watchtower is for sure there own worst enemy...

  • Elder-Patrol

    Again, this argument is weak. There are better anti-JW arguments that don't dishonestly pretend that JWs claim miraculous foreknowledge. Since the 1800's WT publications have repeatedly said they're not inspired and are not gifted with miraculous foreknowledge.

    JWs claim to be a collective "prophet" based on their extraordinary global effort to "prophesy", a term they EXPLICITLY interpret to mean only "teach the Bible".

    It's actually an interesting claim in itself.
    Suppose God were intending a literal Armageddon. Wouldn't something like the work done by JWs have to be performed by someone like JWs?
    (Amos 3:7) For the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will not do a thing unless he has revealed his confidential matter to his servants the prophets.

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