has this been on the site before? about there never having claimed to be a prophet?

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  • booby

    *** w72 4/1 p. 200 ‘They Shall Know that a Prophet Was Among Them' ***
    Yes, the time must come shortly that the nations will have to know that really a "prophet" of Jehovah was among them. Actually now more than a million and a half persons are helping that collective or composite "prophet" in his preaching work and well over that number of others are studying the Bible with the "prophet" group and its companions.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Yes, I believe it has, but it is an important point well worth repeating.

  • brotherdan

    Bill Cetnar DESTORYS that article in this talk:


  • booby

    brotlherdan - that is what made me look at that article

  • Elder-Patrol

    "Today, prophesying would apply to any Bible-based teaching that a Christian minister does." -WT publication "God's Love" (2008), page 209

    "Jehovah’s Witnesses do not claim to be inspired prophets. They have made mistakes. Like the apostles of Jesus Christ, they have at times had some wrong expectations.—Luke 19:11; Acts 1:6." - WT publication "Reasoning" (1989), page 136

    For some context, this is from Watchtower, March 15, 1986, page 19...

    Some opposers claim that Jehovah’s Witnesses are false prophets. These opponents say that dates have been set, but nothing has happened. Again we ask, What is the motive of these critics? Are they encouraging wakefulness on the part of God’s people, or are they, rather, trying to justify themselves for falling back into sleepy inactivity? (1 Thessalonians 5:4-9) More importantly, what will you do if you hear such criticism? If a person is questioning whether we are living in “the last days” of this system, or perhaps is entertaining ideas that God is so merciful that he surely will not cause the death of so many millions of people during the “great tribulation,” then this individual already has prepared his heart to listen to such criticisms.—2 Timothy 3:1; Matthew 24:21. Yes, Jehovah’s people have had to revise expectations from time to time. Because of our eagerness, we have hoped for the new system earlier than Jehovah’s timetable has called for it. But we display our faith in God’s Word and its sure promises by declaring its message to others. Moreover, the need to revise our understanding somewhat does not make us false prophets or change the fact that we are living in “the last days,” soon to experience the “great tribulation” that will pave the way for the earthly Paradise. How foolish to take the view that expectations needing some adjustment should call into question the whole body of truth! The evidence is clear that Jehovah has used and is continuing to use his one organization, with “the faithful and discreet slave” taking the lead. Hence, we feel like Peter, who said: “Lord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life.”—John 6:68.

    So, as a group they claim to be "prophets" but that really just means they teach Bible prophecy.

    It always ends up feeling dishonest when anti-JWs cherrypick WT "prophet" quotes without context, since the WT / JW position on this has been consistent since Russell. With all that's there to criticize, this is weak.

  • brotherdan

    The reasoning book does a fantastic job of NOT reasoning on this subject. Here's what they say to try and justify their own false prophecies:

    Have not Jehovah’s Witnesses made errors in their teachings?

    Jehovah’s Witnesses do not claim to be inspired prophets. They have made mistakes. Like the apostles of Jesus Christ, they have at times had some wrong expectations.—Luke 19:11; Acts 1:6.

    The Scriptures provide time elements related to Christ’s presence, and Jehovah’s Witnesses have studied these with keen interest. (Luke 21:24; Dan. 4:10-17) Jesus also described a many-featured sign that would tie in with the fulfillment of time prophecies to identify the generation that would live to see the end of Satan’s wicked system of things. (Luke 21:7-36) Jehovah’s Witnesses have pointed to evidence in fulfillment of this sign. It is true that the Witnesses have made mistakes in their understanding of what would occur at the end of certain time periods, but they have not made the mistake of losing faith or ceasing to be watchful as to fulfillment of Jehovah’s purposes. They have continued to keep to the fore in their thinking the counsel given by Jesus: “Keep on the watch, therefore, because you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.”—Matt. 24:42.

    Matters on which corrections of viewpoint have been needed have been relatively minor when compared with the vital Bible truths that they have discerned and publicized. Among these are the following: Jehovah is the only true God (TRUE). Jesus Christ is not part of a Trinitarian godhead(WRONG) but is the only-begotten Son of God(TRUE). Redemption from sin is possible only through faith in Christ’s ransom sacrifice(TRUE). The holy spirit is not a person but is Jehovah’s active force(WRONG), and its fruitage must be evident in the lives of true worshipers(TRUE). The human soul is not immortal(WRONG), as the ancient pagans claimed; it dies(WRONG), and the hope for future life is in the resurrection. God’s permission of wickedness has been because of the issue of universal sovereignty(TRUE). God’s Kingdom is the only hope for mankind(TRUE). Since 1914(VERY WRONG) we have been living in the last days of the global wicked system of things. Only 144,000 faithful Christians will be kings and priests with Christ in heaven(WRONG), whereas the rest of obedient mankind will receive eternal life on a paradise earth.(WRONG)

    Another factor to consider regarding the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses is this: Have these truly uplifted people morally? Are those who adhere to these teachings outstanding in their communities because of their honesty? Is their family life beneficially influenced by applying these teachings? Jesus said that his disciples would be readily identified because of having love among themselves. (John 13:35) Is this quality outstanding among Jehovah’s Witnesses? We let the facts speak for themselves.


    What a joke. So they are not false prophets because they are moral? They are not false prophets because they don't believe in the trinity? Where were those EVER the requirements for NOT being a false prophet? As far as I can see the RULES for deciding who is a true prophet and who is not is Deut 18:20-22.

    The Watchtower is a FALSE PROPHET!

  • undercover

    Realizing how the WTS considers themselves prophets yet doesn't apply the same ground rules to themselves that apply to everyone else is one of those "AH-HA!" moments for many people.

    And even if it's not exactly an 'ah-ah' moment, it's definitely a "WTF?" moment as they start to realize that a lot of the WTS is bullshit.

  • minimus

    Elder Patrol, are you an elder?

  • booby

    For some context, this is from Watchtower, March 15, 1986, page 19

    Sooo. It is okay to cherrypick an article that proves (in your mind) that you are right. But if others pull up articles that prove you wrong that's not so good.

  • minimus

    JW reasoning is always funny.

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