Highlights of Annual Meeting 2010

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  • elderelite

    For those who are interested, the following changes were announced yesterday at the AGM

    1) MTS school has been done away with

    A) in its place two new schools have been formed. One is for Single brothers. The other is for married couples. Further details will be forthcomming

    2) In what can only be described as an effort by the branch to further tighten the grip, DO's will now have a shephearding program, designed (IMHO) to keep THEM in line. Now with each CA someone from the branch will come and observe the DO. THis will evidently include visiting with the DO to whatever congregation is host for that week. The branch brother will also attend the CA and observe there, offering whatever council he feels is needed. Clearly a move to bring DO's in line. It just got harder for everybody, again IMHO.

    Of course clowns like littleburger, cantleave and mosche should not read this since they dont care.

  • jamiebowers

    Does MTS stand for Missionary Training School?

  • zoiks

    Interesting. Thanks for the info! Yeah, so now they have a hounder hounder hounder hounder, directly from the branch? heh.

  • leavingwt

    Thank you.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Does MTS stand for Missionary Training School?

    No, it stands for Ministerial Training School.

    Thanks for the info elderelite.

  • elderelite

    @jamie, no missionary school is gilead. MTS is ministerial training school

    @zoiks lol.. yea thats how it looks. DO's have had a lot of autonomy.. no more. It looks like there leash just got shorter.. but your way of saying it is funnier

  • miseryloveselders

    Of course clowns like littleburger, cantleave and mosche should not read this since they dont care.

    Shots fired. Why the hostility EE?

    Interesting though. The Service Overseer must have reminded me three times in the past week that he was going to the Annual Meeting. He's getting older and a little senile. He's an ok fellow, otherwise I would have said to him, "you told me already! I get it already, you must be a somebody!!" The visiting speaker today mentioned the Annual Meeting in his concluding prayer. I didn't hang around long enough to give him the traditional and obligatory "good job" comment after the meeting. So I can only guess he went too, and felt very important. Most JWs didn't even know the Annual Meeting was yesterday, and must quite frankly, don't care. You can add it to the list of items that include why does Bro.Splain look like a pervert, and does Herd realize he looks like buffoon surrounded by a bunch of men of European descent.

    EE, you're probabaly right about things about to get harder. I guess sometimes I take for granted how many DOs and COs have the potential for getting out of line. You figure they're largely left alone, and have unlimited people kissing their booty. I imagine that has the potential to get to their heads.

    A school for young ambitious brown nosers who were either too awkward, socially stunted, or incapable of making a living suitable enough to attract a woman. A school on the other hand for ambitious brown nosing couples who aren't satisfied with their local congregation recognizing their theocratic persuits and achievements. The latter school is for those who need more recognition. As if the list of unscriptural accolades just isn't good enough I guess. I feel bad for the congregation they get assigned to.

  • elderelite
  • pirata

    Thank you elderelite!

  • elderelite

    lolz... thank you pirata. For the record, I dont need my ass kissed, I just dont want it kicked

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