Demons and the WTS

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  • wasblind

    " That is one of the most enlightening and special things that I have ever encountered. People that disagree with you 100000000%....they can STILL be you best friends"

    Amen Brotherdan.

  • notverylikely

    A few days ago, I decided to read a little bit of your story, seeing as your some of your posts reflect quite a bit of anger.

    Really? What did you conclude? Rather than talk to me you seem to have incorrectly decided that I am angry. Feel free to ask me any question. Please do not assume anything about me and I will not assume that you are an ignorant pedophile.

    And don't assume or think that is an example of anger. It's purely an example of making up things about people without asking which is what you did when you assumed my posts contained anger.

  • ziddina

    NightTroll has decided everyone else is angry because he is so blinded by his own anger that he cannot see truth or reality....

    I'm not going to waste any more time on HIS comments!!

    Beware, JW troll... I'm going to sic a few DemunZZZ onto you!!

    Zid - the She-Devil

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    ziddina and wasblind,

    The more you read of what I say, the angrier you will get.

    Just keep reading, like you can resist anyway.

    Night Owl

  • notverylikely

    The more you read of what I say, the angrier you will get.

    Actually, it's amusing that you display such an obvious Obi-Wan Kenoi complex. What you perceive as angry is in actuality a highly tuned BS detector.

  • roguepixel

    Only just caught up with this thread. BrotherDan wants experiences, so here goes.

    I got in with my wife, Mrs Rogue, at the age of 18. After a couple of weeks I found out that she was having trouble with spirits as she called them. I was an interested person who's mum is a JW. After a few weeks of study mrs Rogue starts to have problems with the spirits. We decide, with the advice of the guy studying with her, to blitz her room and get rid of all her old stuff. (She used to be into tarot, black magic etc). We make a bonfire, I try to light it. nothing. In the end after using white spirit, I use a GALLON of petrol. After about 5 matches the thing finally goes up, but not 'whoosh!'as you would think. The friends/brothers with me shit a proverbial egg and leave the premises. Next day, when Mrs Rogue comes home to her mum's house the spirit goes apeshit, after she starts to try and redecorate. He gives her a black eye with the roll of wallpaper she's got. She hides under her bed as all the contents of the room go flying around. Her mum, a born again christian calls her pastor and he turns up with 3 other women. They try to get in her room but the door is jammed. Mrs Rogue is still under the bed, and won't come out. Her crazy mum calls me at my parents house and tells me what's going on. I turn up, notice that the cat is going crazy in the living room and is hissing at the corner of the room, exactly where my wife says the spirit is. Then I take her back to my parents, and get a brother to come as chaperone. We have a peaceful night, then in the morning at 6.00 I get woken by what I can only describe as someone next to my ear, shouting a word that makes no sense in English. I wake up bolt upright, ask the others did they hear anything. nothing. Weeks pass and the spirits become less frequent hanging around Mrs Rogue. One time at the KH she tells me she feels sick, as the spirit is there. He's making her see that he's strangling the public speaker. The guy she's studying with takes her into the back room, and while they are praying, mrs Rogue's dress lifts up all on its own. Time passes and the spirits go away. Briefly on a holiday to the holyland 14 years ago she senses the spirits in the church of the holy sepulchre, and has to exit quickly, also the chapel on top of mount carmel. Time passes, we drift out of the WackTower, and I make good friends with a priest. While at his house, she starts to sense, and see, and hear more spirits. We decide to quit seeing him anymore, but the visions carry on. A couple of times she's seen spirits at funerals, and when we've visited when dead people are laid out prior to the funeral. One time this old lady pleads with her to tell her grieving relatives not to cry. Recently she's seen our dead dogs, her dead relatives, and our neighbour's dead husband. Interestingly, she said she knew what he looked like before she even saw a photo of him, as he was sitting in the kids bedroom. In the beginning, the spirits had a peculiar form. She said they were all hairy, with a face with no nose, big eyes, and a pouting mouth just like a duck. Recently it's just dead people. She doesn't welcome the attention, regularly telling them to 'eff- off', but they still appear now and again. Her niece has started to see things at the age of 5. They recently saw one together at the same time. I am an atheist, and I certainly don't believe in god. Mrs Rogue's view is, if god exists, who's to say he's good and benevolent? She really is embarrassed by the whole thing and says it's a curse. I really don't know what I believe. I know my wife's not crazy. She has a stress free life and doesn't work, so no real causes to go wacko. These are all first-hand accounts. So often you hear from a friend of a friend etc. I'm no JW apologist, or new-age nut. I honestly haven't got a clue what it's all about. I do believe that a lot of stuff can be self-induced, depending on what kind of current mental state you have.

    Well, there it is. That's her story. Even though I'm an atheist, it doesn't lessen my fascination for this kind of thing. I'd be interested to hear any other accounts.

  • 1Robinella

    Growing up as a JW this was a difficult subject for me because my parents home was to me, haunted. The household was pretty normal meaning BBQ's and family road trips, pretty happy with a little disfunction like everyone else. But when I was alone or asleep I would hear voices on the other side of the house. One time I cried to my mother and she had a "brother" in the congregation that had previously delt with these types of things, he came over and didn't "sense" anything. My mother was in total denial and still is.

    I learned early on that I could not talk to her, my family or anyone in the congregation about this. No one helped me. After many, many, many years growing up and my sheets would get tight, noises in the kitchen, voices, someone sat on my bed once, my name called out once...seriously, no joke. I turned 18 years old and got married to a brother. I couldn't wait to leave.

    Once I left, I never had another experience like I experienced at my parents home. It wasn't until I was in my 20's my much older sister (12 year age difference) we were hanging out at her house and somehow this discussion came up. She told me similar things that I experienced. I almost fell off the chair. I was so happy that someone else in my family also experienced these things and that I wasn't crazy or the only one. I believe the fear that my mother and the meetings about "demons" scarred me as a kid. They made me feel like it's all my imagination, but the funny thing is that since I never told my older sister and she brought it up. It validated it for me. When I visit my parents home, I still get nervous and refuse to be alone in that house. It definately doesn't help a kid when parents get into this total denial thing.

    Infact, a few years ago I was with my sister, her daughter (my neice) and a couple of friends at my parents home and my mom left the house and we were preparing for a wedding (non-witness wedding) and were walking down the hallway to put the wedding dress, shoes etc in the extra bedroom. When we walked away, we all heard someone snoring from the room we just left. We all stopped, heard it and talked about it when we got to the living room. We told our mom, she said "My girls have active imaginations."

    After all of this, yes, I do believe in spirits. I do not believe "everything" is evil like we were taught. Most important thing is to believe in god, be positive and a friend.

  • notverylikely

    We make a bonfire, I try to light it. nothing. In the end after using white spirit, I use a GALLON of petrol. After about 5 matches the thing finally goes up, but not 'whoosh!'as you would think.

    Yeah, stuff often doesn't burn in the way people think it will. I have a ton of experience building fires and fire doesn't work the way it does on TV.

    I wake up bolt upright, ask the others did they hear anything. nothing.

    Apparently I have been known to get up in the middle of the night, take a shower, put water on for coffee to boil and then go back to bed and not know it. I've also been absolutely sure that I woke up and saw someone on the house and apparently was just standing in the living room still asleep. Sleeping with me is an adventure.

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  • JimmyPage

    Never had any experiences myself. My JW wife claims she has, but never wants to talk about it cuz it scares her too much.

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