Is My Co-worker a JW?

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  • ziddina

    Hi again, White Dove!!!

    From the description you've given of the man, I don't think it matters whether he's a JW or simply another stripe of "Fundie"...

    Your "paganism" - intelligent neo-polytheism - has made you a "target" for his self-righteous, evangelical fervour...

    Document EVERYTHING that happens. Keep an accurate diary; keep it AT HOME. Write in it every night after work - every night after work if something - ANYTHING - weird happens at work...

    Somewhere I started a thread or commented on a thread about workplace bullying... There are numerous websites on the subject anymore, since workplace bullying has caused more than one employee or former employee to go "postal"...

    (No wonder the kids indulge in 'cyber' bullying; their parents are probably participating in some form of "workplace" bullying during the day... )

    Meantime, can you save enuf money and obtain more training, so you can qualify for a better position??? Hopefully with a more professional firm???

    My best wishes and kind concern for you, in this situation...


  • White Dove
    White Dove


    Thanks for the advice. It sounds...sound:)

    I have 2 college degrees (BA and MS) and am still looking for a career job.

    I'm new at looking for higher end positions, so it's kind of slow going.

    Meantime, I'm doing what I've always done (teenage jobs) until I get hired for a professional position.

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